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Healthy Cheese Brands – A Complete Guide

Cheese is considered to be highly beneficial for kids and young people. besides working on the health of the individual, it enhances the taste of the food and snack. The types of cheese also matter when it comes to choosing a healthy brand. The market is full of various brands of cheese and here are some popular names of cheese brands.


Amul cheese
  • Amul

Its processed cheese is made from cow/buffalo milk and is available in tin, blocks, and slices.

  • Gouda cheese- it is ripened cheese of the dutch variety and is yellow in color.
  • Emmental cheese- it is made from cheddar cheese and is very soft.
  • Pizza mozzarella cheese– this cheese is vegetarian and has coagulating enzymes with salt.
Govardhan cheese
  • Govardhan

It sells its cheese under the brand name GO and manufactures types of cheese- Mozzarella and processed. They are available in a variety of packs. Its cheese is light and has less fat because it is made from cow’s milk. They have a variety of cheeses like cheddar, wedges, shredded, cheese spread, and many more. Their cheese is something that is liked by children a lot and that’s why it is rich in calcium.

Cabot Cheese
  • Cabot

Its buttery cheese has half of the calories as its competitors. Still, it has managed to maintain the creamy texture on the crave. It melts well on baked potatoes and roasted vegetables. They have a fancy blend of shredded cheese that tastes very well.

Britannia cheese
  • Britannia

They have cheese in different forms like cubes, slices, and blocks of different weights. It has a special slim cheese which has 33% less fat as compared to processed cheese. Its cheddar cheese has an international taste. Its cream cheese is a highly exotic and exciting form of cheese. They have a variety of cheese for those who are on diet and for young ones.

Acres wild Gourmet cheese
  • Acres Wild Gourmet Cheese

They have organic cheese and 20 kinds of gourmet cheese. Their cheese is perfect for vegetarians and is free from chemicals. Their wide range of cheese includes ricotta, feta, and halloumi cheese. Because it is free from chemicals, it is ideal for those who eat cheese to get nutritional benefits and better health.

kraft cheese
  • Kraft

Its cheese is a punch of protein for your pasta, baked potatoes, and roasted vegetables. It has cellulose that prevents the cheese from getting stuck together.

horizon organic
  • Horizon Organic

It is ideal for an all-purpose burger or sandwich topper. Its products are pasteurized and have minimal ingredients. Its cheese is far better than its competitors. One slice of its cheese can serve up to 10% of the daily requirement of calcium.

Athenos cheese
  • Athenos

Its crumbled feta cheese has a balanced ratio of both fat and protein. It is ideal to be used for salads and roasted veggies.

The laughing cow
  • The laughing cow

Its creamy cheese tastes as good as its competitors and has half the calories. It can be enjoyed with a semi-whole-grain pita with black olives on the top.


All of the above brands are some of those names that rank on top as compared to other brands because they manufacture cheese considering the benefits rather than only taste. Due to their health benefits, they rank higher than others. You can try their cheese and see how it works for your health and for your loved ones.

These brands have gained a lot of trust due to their quality and health benefits. Other brands are also there that promise the same but have not been successful in fulfilling them. As per our findings, we have listed these brands so you can enjoy their cheese and get the maximum benefits.

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