The World’s Most Expensive Cheeses 

List Of The World’s Most Expensive Cheeses 

Cheese lovers, attention, please. You have been eating a wide variety of cheeses along with your favorite cuisines. Isn’t it? Do you know, which one is the most expensive cheese in the world? You may not be aware of the most expensive cheeses. Read on to find out the craziest expensive cheeses and check how many of you have eaten the costly cheeses.

12 Most Expensive Cheeses In The Word

Here is the list of the 12 most expensive kinds of cheese in the world including:

1. Pule

Have you heard about pule cheese? You may have heard about this cheese specialty if you are a cheese lover. It is the rarest cheese in the world and the most expensive too.

The pule cheese is made from the milk of Balkan donkeys. The cheese is only produced on one farm situated at the Zasavica Special Nature Reserve in Serbia.

Pule cheese

The pule cheese is selling for $600  or more per pound. Pule cheese is produced with 60% of donkey milk and 40% of goat’s milk. The donkey milk used in pule is high in protein, calcium, and omega-3 acids and got UN recognition as a good alternative for those with allergies to cow’s milk.

One kilo of cheese requires around 6 and a half gallons of donkey milk. It takes almost 3 months to process the milk because Balkan donkey gives very little milk. Donkey milk has several health benefits too. 

2. Cabrales cheese

Cabrales cheese is produced at the Valfriu cheese factory in Spain. It is the second most expensive cheese in the world. It is a semi-hard cheese that takes 3-6 months to age. The cheese keeps in Spanish mountain caves. 

Cabrales cheese

3. Moose cheese

Are you curious to know about moose cheese? Let’s look at some of the interesting factors of moose cheese.  Moose cheese is made in only one place in the world. The cheese is produced at Elk House farm or Algens Hus in Swedish.

Moose cheese

The farm is producing around 300 kilograms of moose cheese every year. The cost per pound is around $500. If you want to taste the moose cheese, take a Europe trip. The Elk House is producing 4 types of moose cheese named creamy blue cheese, feta, white mold, and dry blue cheese. 

4. White Stilton Gold 

White stilton Gold cost you roughly $400 to $450 per pound. It is a 100% British cheese produced in the village of Long Clawson in Leicestershire county, England. In the beginning, it was produced as a limited edition for the Christmas festival.

 White Stilton Gold

But later, white stilton gold got wide popularity and started to make year-round. Some people say that this cheese is the actual cousin to blue cheese.

It contains a tangy flavor and is extra creamy. One of the key features of this cheese is, it is made with different fruit flavors like apricots, lemon, ginger, etc.

5. Wyke farm cheddar

Wyke Farm Cheddar is a worth-trying type of cheese. It is a semi-hard cheese made from fresh cow’s milk. The wyke farm is producing this cheese for over 150 years. The farm is located in the country of somerset in southwest England.

 Wyke farm cheddar

The cost of Wyke farm cheddar is around $200 per pound. If you want to taste the best-tasting cheddar, you can buy the product from Wyke farm cheddar online site and in stores. It is a gluten-free cheese that takes 15 months for maturing.

It keeps in special wooden boxes and the master cheese grader regularly checks the updates of cheddar. 

6. Extra old Bitto cheese

Extra old Bitto Cheese is also known as Bitto Storico or Bitto Ribelle Cheese. Bitto cheese is the oldest edible cheese in the world produced in Valtelline valley in Lombardy. It can last up to several years.

The cheese is made from cow’s milk along with 10-20% goat’s milk. The cost of a bitto cheese is around $150 per pound. If you want to buy this delicious cheese, you should come to Italy.

Extra old Bitto cheese

Because the cheese is made by just 12 producers in Valtellina valley in Lombardy. The cheese was bought by a cheese importer from Hong Kong and sold for $150 per pound.

7. Caciocavallo podolico

If you are an Italian, you will have surely tasted caciocavallo podolico. The cheese is made from the milk of a rare breed of Italian cow, podolica. It is produced in san Nicando Garganico, southern Italy since the 14th century.

Caciocavallo podolico cheese

Cheese is famous for its shape and is one of the most delicious cheeses in Italy. A slab of cheese costs roughly $50 per pound. You can purchase the product either from the source or place your order online. The cheese has flavors of berries and mountain grasses. It’s pasta filata cheese.

8. old Ford

Old ford is produced from goat’s milk. The cheese is firm and crumbly in texture and has a coconut-like appearance.

old Ford

The first old ford cheese is created by Mary Holbrook. It is a type of firm cheese that comparatively takes lesser time for maturing. The cost of old ford cheese is around $50 per pound.

9. German Epoisses

If you want to try a cheese washed with a grape spirit, then German  Époisses is one of the great options. The cheese is made from cow’s milk and it is washed with a local grape spirit named Marc de Bourgogne.

German Époisses

The flavor of grape spirit makes the cheese tastier. The unique taste of this cheese becomes even better if you pair it with red or white wine. The cost of  German Époisses is nearly $45 per pound. 

10. Jersey Blue Cheese 

It’s a popular cheese in Switzerland. The cheese is made of unpasteurized jersey cow milk and a yogurt ferment. It is famous for its dome shape.

Jersey Blue Cheese

The cheese maker Willi Schmid has made this creamy blue jersey cheese. Once the cheese is produced, squeeze the cheese wheels and add the blue vein structure to each side of the cheese. The price of jersey blue cheese is around $45 per pound.

11. Cacio bufala

It’s a popular cheese in Italy made from pasteurized water buffalo milk. Cacio Bufala is a semi-hard cheese with a fine aroma and sweet taste.

Cacio bufala

Cacio Bufala is a crazy expensive cheese selling for around $45 per pound. Nowadays, you can find a variety of pieces of Cacio Bufala. If you want an original piece purchase it from a direct source or buy from the official website of Cacio Bufala.  

12. Beaufort d’Ete

Beaufort d’Ete is a much-loved cheese produced in the Savoie region of the french Alps. one of the key features of this cheese is, it is produced during the summer season from June to October.

 Beaufort d’Ete

Usually, Beaufort d’Ete appeared in yellow color. But the color may vary depending on how long it was aged. It has a solid structure with holes and a delicious nutty flavor too. The cheese costs around $44 per pound.

Final Words….

You are not a true cheese lover until you are not tasted these super delicious cheeses. Go to these finest places where you can find the best cheeses and grab your favorite ones. 

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