Vitamin That Are Gets Rid Of Cholesterol

What Types Of Vitamin Help To Get Rid Of Cholesterol? Know The Facts!

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance in the blood. It is required for the production of certain substances in the body like vitamin D and hormones which help in the digestion of food. The body naturally makes the required cholesterol for whatever the need is.

Cholesterol can also be found in animal sources that we eat as food like meat, cheese, eggs, etc. However, too much cholesterol in the blood can be harmful and causes diseases and problems which lead to blockages in the arteries of the heart. 

What Reduces Cholesterol Quickly

High cholesterol is one of the most common health issues in people in the 21st century, especially the elderly. High levels of cholesterol not only lead to heart problems but some risk factors like having diabetes or high blood pressure will make it worse. These risk factors will make the levels of cholesterol fluctuate which makes the risk to health more severe. 

Cholesterol mainly comes from the liver but the external source of cholesterol in the body is food. The 2 types of cholesterol present in the blood are LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol. Too much of the LDL cholesterol type or too less of the HDL cholesterol type can be harmful to the heart. Hence, they need to be in the exact balance.

The LDL type takes the necessary amount of cholesterol or fats in the blood and takes them where it’s needed in the body and the HDL type takes some amount of cholesterol and fat to the liver which is not needed for it to get removed from the body.

If the HDL cannot help remove the excess LDL type, problems in the heart’s arteries start developing, causing them to block blood circulation to the heart.

Importance Of Vitamin In the Human Body

Vitamins are a very necessary substance that must be present in the blood for the proper functioning of the body and protection of the body from any harmful infections, germs, etc. entering it. Every vitamin performs a specific function and so any deficiency of a vitamin in the body can cause health issues.

Importance Of Vitamin In the Human Body

Minerals and vitamins form the basis for the proper functioning of the body by giving the body the proper nutrients that it requires to work. They help in building a strong immunity system, strengthen bones and help in the proper metabolisms that are needed by the body. 

Vitamins That Are Required To Lower Cholesterol

For cholesterol the vitamin required is Niacin. Niacin is a type of B vitamin that helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood. This nicotinic acid supplement provides additional strength to lower the levels of cholesterol as there are many foods that contain this vitamin in small amounts which people consume on a daily basis which helps in the functioning of the digestive, and nervous systems and is healthy for the skin.

Vitamins That Are Required To Lower Cholesterol

Niacin or nicotinic acid helps lower the triglyceride levels(LDL) of cholesterol in the blood by almost 25% and increase the HDL levels by 30%. Although this vitamin is prescribed to reduce cholesterol levels, it is not certain that it will completely resolve issues relating to the heart and people who have died of heart attack or stroke despite of consuming niacin.

Consumption of this vitamin in a higher dose can be harmful to the body and cause side effects like diabetes, diarrhea, liver damage, itching, severe skin flushing, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, etc. which is why it is very important that the medicine of this vitamin be prescribed under the guidance of a doctor.

Final Words

A doctor may prescribe niacin medicine to completely lower the level of cholesterol or the fat that the liver produces. However, nicotinic acid may not be very helpful in the prevention of any cardiovascular health issues, so it must only be taken under the supervision and approval of a doctor.

Niacin is most helpful when there is no alternative left for a person to treat unbalanced cholesterol levels, it is prescribed when a person cannot tolerate other medications or similar kinds of issues. 

Doctors suggest that niacin intake is not the only way to control cholesterol levels, a change of lifestyle, exercise, diet, etc. can also help in maintaining the proper cholesterol levels in the body which can prevent any kind of health issues caused by high cholesterol.

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