What Is The Difference Between Cheese And Cheese Curds

What Is The Difference Between Cheese And Cheese Curds? Explained!

The most useful, healthy as well as and evergreen food product is dairy products. In every part of life, we consume dairy products in different ways. Because there are much more types of dairy products.

Such as butter, yogurt, cheese, cheese curd, cream, etc. Most people are as dependent on dairy products as they can’t imagine their life without dairy or milk products.

Cheese And Cheese Curd – Some Basic Differences!

Most dairy products are well known and are consumed on daily basis. But the question that often comes to people’s minds that, what is the difference between cheese and cheese curd? Don’t get confused between cheese and cheese curd. Here, you get your all doubt solved in just a few minutes.

Cheese And Cheese Curd - Some Basic Differences
Basis of DifferenceCheeseCheese Curd
MaterialFinal product processed by cheese curdRaw material to make cheese
HealthyLess healthy than cheese curdHealthier than cheese
Expiration Date2 weeks to 4 months in the fridge; 6 months to 8 months in the freezer12 hours in the fridge; 3 days to 5 days in the freezer

These are the main differences between cheese and cheese curd.

From the above table, you may understand that cheese is the final product made from cheese curd. As cheese curd is only a raw material used to make more cheese.

How Is Cheese Curd Formed And How Does It Become Cheese?

Have you ever made “tofu”? The curd that is used to make tofu is somehow very similar to the cheese curd. These curds are a very important raw material while making cheese. To preserve these cheese curds, one should have to use cheesecloth.

While you preserved the cheese curd in cheesecloth and then salted and thus it converts into the cheese that you find in the market.

After the above process also, they haven’t been converted into cheese yet. But it acquires some particular flavor and a springy texture. And this unique taste is the major reason making cheese curd famous. While compared to actual cheese, cheese curd now has some mild flavor.  

But the most important thing to consider is that cheese curd has not had as much age as cheese got. It only lasts a day long. After 12 hours on average, it becomes inedible.

Now, you may understand what is the difference between cheese and cheese curd. As you can find cheese in any of your neighborhood stores finding cheese curd is very difficult in a state where there is no cheese-making industry.

As the life span of cheese, curd is too short, it is very difficult to transport cheese curd and sell it in the market just like regular cheese.

Cheese Vs. Cheese Curd Which Is Healthier?

As the matter of fact, the cheese curd is the raw material. So, it does not have to suffer from any processed process. On another hand, cheese is made through a compressed process. And thus, its losses lots of nutrients and vitamins. And also, cheese carries high-fat content. So, in the conclusion, we may consider that cheese curd is healthier than cheese.

Summary – Cheese And Cheese Curd

Both the cheese as well as cheese curd are dairy or milk products. As compared, both have somehow many similar properties, but it doesn’t mean that both products are the same. As a matter of fact, the cheese curd is just a raw material that is used to make regular cheese. 
As cheese curd is raw material it does not mean that it cannot be eaten. Many people love to eat cheese curd.

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