What Is The Newest Cholesterol Medication
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What Is The Newest Cholesterol Medication?

Cholesterol is an essential element in building healthy cells. However, high cholesterol is not at all good for your body and it leads to several health issues such as coronary heart disease and stroke, the fifth leading cause of death in America. So, it is mandatory to maintain a healthy cholesterol level. 


4 Newest Cholesterol Medications To Follow

Knowing several types of cholesterol medication is an important part to reduce the risk of high cholesterol. There are different ways to reduce cholesterol, including the drugs like statins and bempedoic acid, and PCSK9 inhibitors. Besides, a healthy diet and regular exercise are also essential to reduce bad cholesterol. 

4 Newest Cholesterol Medications To Follow

This article explains the newest cholesterol medication that can prevent you from severe health issues. So, without any due, let’s start.

New Treatment For Cholesterol 

Recently, cholesterol treatment is searching for new ways by combining the existing cholesterol drugs a little bit differently. Statin was the most common drug used to lower cholesterol levels. But the latest treatments give importance to the patient’s capacity for the drugs. So, the drugs are formulated differently for patients who have high-risk cholesterol and low-risk cholesterol. 

Here are a few newest cholesterol medications listed below. 

PCSK9 Inhibitors 

PCSK9 inhibitors are advanced cholesterol-lowering medications and they work totally in a different ways. PCSK9 could be beneficial to those with familial hypercholesterolemia, a genetic disorder affecting about 1 in 200 Americans. Statins and other drugs do not work for these people to lower LDL cholesterol.

Besides, people who have had a heart attack or stroke are beneficial. They can take the PCSK9 as secondary prevention. PCSK9 inhibitors are the most effective non-statin LDL-lowering drug. However, it is costly and not accessible to all patients. 

Nexletol Or Bempedoic Acid

Nexletol is mainly used for people with the highest risk of cholesterol. Nexletol or Bempedoic Acid is the latest cholesterol medication that is non-statin and also targets lowering the cholesterol in the liver. It inhibits ATP-citrate lyase which can control cholesterol biosynthesis. Bempedoic Acid targets hepatic cholesterol synthesis and will help you to prevent cardiovascular risk in statin-intolerant patients. 


Ezetimibe is the most commonly used cholesterol-lowering drug among patients. Besides, it is non-statin too. Actually, it affects the small intestine to block the cholesterol from absorption. Through this blocking, the liver gets only a few amounts of cholesterol. But the amount of cholesterol reduced by Ezetimibe is very less when compared to other drugs. 


Commonly, most doctors prescribe a statin to lower cholesterol. When you consume statin, it reduces the liver’s ability to make cholesterol and allows the liver to receive more cholesterol from the blood. That is, statin helps to lower the cholesterol in your blood. It contains the HMG receptor which can reduce the low-density lipoprotein and regulate cellular cholesterol metabolism. 


High cholesterol leads to the risk of many severe issues including heart disease and stroke. So, it is necessary to control the cholesterol level. You can prevent cholesterol by maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise. However, we can not ensure that you are free from cholesterol because you follow a healthy lifestyle. 

So, regular check-ups and effective medication will help you to stay away from complications. This article discussed the basic information about cholesterol medications. Hope you understand the various cholesterol medications and wish you a healthy life! 

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