Understanding Cholesterol During Times Of Covid

Understanding Cholesterol During Times Of COVID-19

For a proper health condition, you must keep cholesterol in check. Many may think that cholesterol and fat are the same things. However, according to a specialist, the two terms are completely different. It looks like fat and appears to be waxy. Several foods contain cholesterol. Furthermore, it also forms naturally within your body.

Understanding Cholesterol During Times Of Covid

During the crisis period of COVID-19, you have to be very cautious regarding your food habits. Cholesterol is one of the important factors that you must notice. With the work-from-home structure prevalent in most of the countries, rising incidents of heart attacks are common nowadays. The doctors are telling that the main reason behind such incidents is the high level of cholesterol.

Cholesterol comes in two types; Bad and Good. Bad or LDL can harm your internal organs if taken in excess. Experts say that Good Cholesterol or HDL is essential just like the good fats in your body. There should be a balance between the two for a healthy life.

Problems Arising Out Of Excess Cholesterol

Too much cholesterol can block your arteries with a very narrow passage. This can lead to severe heart attacks and cardiovascular crises. It is just like clogged drains in your bathroom. According to the mortality rates for COVID-19, the biggest reason is high cholesterol. Unhealthy eating habits are mainly the cause of this.

Consumption of saturated fats leads to a rapid increase in the amount of LDL cholesterol. Another reason for such increment is trans fats. Mainly, the fried, processed and oily foods consist of such trans fats. Apart from this, a high stress level can also lead to high cholesterol.

Triglycerides carry the bad fats within the blood. Excessive sugar and alcohol consumption can be the primary factors for this. Having too much dairy products and meats can also add cholesterol to your body.

Need For Good Cholesterol

The role of HDL is vital for your liver. It is mostly seen in unsaturated fats. The sources of it are some specific oils, nuts, and many more. HDL provides the removed cholesterol to your liver when it breaks down. Consuming a moderate amount of alcohol can be beneficial for increasing HDL. However, it is not a good idea for non-drinkers. An optimized amount of good cholesterol is what the body requires.

Desired Levels Of Cholesterol

To make your digestive system better, you have to know about the permissible level of cholesterol in your body. There must be a high content of good cholesterol and low content of bad cholesterol. The total combination of these two types of cholesterol must be less than 170mg/dL. Besides, the level of triglycerides must be less than 150 mg/dL.

Generally, people are unable to identify cases of high cholesterol. It is because there are no symptoms for such issues. Only a doctor’s suggestion will let you understand the seriousness of the problem.

During a routine check-up or after a cardiac event, a person will be able to know about the condition of the heart. Moreover, to test the cholesterol levels, doctors often prescribe a lipid panel test. In case of too high results, he will recommend certain changes in your lifestyle. This can include an immediate change in the diet. Along with that, if necessary, appropriate medication can also be there.

The medical experts recommend such tests after every five years for children above the age of nine years. Furthermore, the same thing is applicable for adults below 45 years.

In the case of men above 45 years, this time gap can be one to two years. On the other hand, women can go for the clinical tests at an interval of 1-2 years after 55. However, with growing age, men tend to be more affected by high cholesterol.

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