Why TikTok Users Are Happy About Chipotle's Cheese Grater

Why TikTok Users Are Happy About Chipotle’s Cheese Grater?

Chipotle is a Mexican grill that operates on the core belief that food has the power to change the world.

The taste of food is influenced by how the raw materials are sourced and how they are prepared and Chipotle works on sourcing food naturally end-to-end.

The company is treasured by its customers for its quality food. Chipotle went public in 2006 and the company’s unique values combined with delicious food have attracted a wider spectrum of loyal customers to the company.

Recently, a TikTok video on chipotle’s cheese grater has been going viral and has caused a stir on social media.

What Was In The Video?

In this TikTok video, chipotle’s employee Daniela Morales has shown how chipotle’s cheese reaches the store in the form of giant blocks and how their special cutting and grating machine fines them into small pieces.

The wire cheese cutter breaks the giant block into smaller pieces, which is further fined by feeding them into the grater machine. Chipotle has made its customers happy by providing inside access to its customers. 

Chipotle Cheese grating

 The reason behind the happy stir on TikTok is the effort the company is taking to ensure its customers have the best quality delicious food without opting for any shortcuts that detriment the taste of the food.

When it comes to cheese, people generally prefer pre-shredded cheese as it is convenient for using. The type of cheese one selects is a direct outcome of the taste of their food and hence choosing the correct form of cheese is crucial. 

As compared to pre-shredded cheese, grating a block of cheese is always beneficial as it is delicious and unharmful to health.

In order to maintain the texture and consistency and avoid clumps, additives are added to pre-shredded cheese and this potentially harms your health.

Block cheese has an upper hand as compared to shredded cheese and hence must be chosen in place of shredded cheese as it has a much better taste to it without harming your health. 

Grating bulk cheese is quite time-consuming and that’s the reason people prefer pre-shredded cheese over a slice of block cheese. But block cheese melts easily, and tastes better and the lack of preservatives is an added advantage.

Chipotle Values Its Customers

Pre-shredded cheese is not freshly available and is often refrigerated for a prolonged duration which dilutes its taste but block cheese can be freshly created and this freshly grated cheese in addition to enhancing your taste is easy to prepare.

They have the potential to stay without sticking together and causing clumsiness without adding any preservatives and are safe for your health.

Chipotle has expressed how much its values its customers and how every step of the way they aim at being real and sourcing raw materials naturally via its TikTok video.

Despite taking extra time, the company has put its customer’s safety above everything and the TikTok video shows how the company refrained from using pre-shredded cheese and uses only the cheese grater that fines the blocks of cheese that are being utilized in your orders, thereby making its customers stir happily all over TikTok. 

Chipotle has used the power of social media and by leveraging technology it has caused a huge celebration of its brand among its customers and the general public all over social media.

From covering how the company gets its cheese in a giant block, to show how the wire cheese cutter cuts them into smaller pieces and processed them finely via the cheese grater, the company has shown an end-to-end cheese grating process and the customers have had a first-hand experience on knowing and learning what they are consuming and how it is beneficial for them.

The company has established its competitive advantage and used it as leverage to build the trustworthiness of its customers.

Chipotle has treated its customers as if they were a part of the company itself and this promoted its brand image and opened a huge pool of loyal customers to its side.

Many customers have also commented on the TikTok video posted by Chipotle stating how they are satisfied with the food of chipotle and stated they the quality of cheese in the food items of chipotle was too good to be obtained from pre-shredded cheese and thanked the company for prioritizing the public welfare and attending to the health and wellness of its customers. 

Chipotle has stated grating this giant block of cheese is an everyday process and the company’s employee Daniela Morales has stated that despite the grating process being a time-consuming one, it is one of her favorite parts of the job watching fresh cheese grated overnight.

The company has a strict policy that prohibits storing the grated cheese overnight for later use. Chipotle believes in freshness and hence every day the patrons have fresh cheese in their hands and the cheese grater is put to use daily. 

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