Blood Pressure Rise

A Study Shows That Blood Pressure Rises During COVID-19 Pandemic!

The first few months of the pandemic were the worst for hypertension (High Blood Pressure) patients, a study reveals. For a patient having high BP, the blood pushes to the blood vessels with excessive force.

This adversely affects the functioning of the heart. This forces both the blood vessels and the heart to work extra hard, causing extra strain for both organs. If left untreated, hypertension damages the arteries leading to stroke, cardiac arrest, and other fatal instances.

The study observed that more than half of the country’s adult population (over 103000000) happened to have hypertension. And the unfortunate truth is that only 25% of them monitored their blood pressure and did the needed.

The Link Between COVID-19 And Hypertension

There are reports of high mortality rates among high blood pressure patients due to COVID-19. The connection, however, still remains unclear. Experts believe that COVID-19 created an atmosphere of fear.

 Link Between COVID-19 And Hypertension

People were afraid to visit hospitals, even for essential health checks. Doctors strongly recommend those with a reading of 180/120 mmHg of blood pressure get immediate medical intervention.

Reasons For The Increase In Hypertension During COVID-19

  • Stress: The pandemic disrupted the normal life of an average person. Social gatherings were put on hold. This inability to connect with each other combined with other issues like financial strain and other issues made life tougher. And the stress it may cause would have contributed to the current scenario; scientists observe.
  • Weight Gain: The altered lifestyle changes due to the COVID lockdown like lack of exercise, over-eating, and binge drinking may have led to being overweight.
  • A Sense Of Fear: The restrictions during the lockdown like police patrol may have created a sense of fear. This may have made patients reconsider their hospital visits for non-emergency medical needs.
  • Misinformation: During the time, the news was circulated about the side effects of certain blood pressure medications on COVID-19 patients. And this may have prompted them to stop taking their pills. Health experts had to intervene, to assure patients that no hypertension medicine causes long-term side effects of COVID-19 patient.

The new normal may have proved even tougher for those not used to isolation. There are reports of doctors having to offer telemedicine to such patients. And the majority of such patients showed an alarming rise in blood pressure.

The direct and indirect health implications of COVID-19 are here to stay for a long. Scientists are yet to determine when the world will recover for good. And new mutations are being discovered every now and then.

Some Safety Measures Recommended By Doctors

  • Wear your mask
  • Learn to properly monitor your blood pressure; contact your healthcare team if you need assistance. Almost all renowned hospitals offer telemedicine.
  • Refrain from self-treatment: over-the-counter painkillers and other medications may add up to your blood pressure. Avoid them at any cost.
  • Those taking medications for the disorders like depression should take extra care to monitor their blood pressure.
  • Minimize alcohol intake.
  • Stock up on your prescription medications: See to it that you have enough supplies to take you through the end of the pandemic.
  • Research indoor exercises read as much as you can and follow a healthy diet. Doing this will help you stay stress-free and fit.

Stay alert, consult doctors when required, remain calm, and beat high blood pressure. You should also take measures to strengthen your immunity. A strong immune system is the only strong weapon against COVID-19.

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