National Pizza Day

National Pizza Day – How To Celebrate In Different Ways?

Pizza is a national food for Americans. Every pizza huts have to say different memories. Every memory is connected with different delicious bites. Today is a special day for pizza lovers. Why?  Because February 9 is celebrated as National Pizza day. Americans give great significance to pizza. That’s why they are celebrating countless holidays with pizza. For example, there is National Deep Dish Pizza Day on April 5.

The national pizza party day is celebrated on May 15. In addition, they celebrate National Pepperoni pizza day on September 20  and International Beer and Pizza day on October 9. Pizza is one of the most delicious cravings and one of the best comfort food that can enjoy by anyone.

People are using a wide variety of cheeses to make it even tastier. The toppings also play a big role in making the pizza a mouthwatering appetite. Today is the perfect day to add more delicious cheesy pizzas to your favorite list. On this day, People can enjoy the deliciousness of the iconic food with their family and friends.

The History Behind the iconic Food- Pizza

Does anybody have any clue when National Pizza Day was created? Well, no one exactly knows when National pizza Day was created. Even before the invention of pizza, ancient Egyptians and Romans consumed flatbreads with toppings. It is considered a mini form of pizza.

Pizza lovers

The modern form of pizza came in the 18th century. It was invented in Italy’s Campania region, home to Naples. Naples was an independent kingdom. The region was notorious for Iazzaroni. The Neapolitans required low-cost meals that could consume quickly. The flatbreads with toppings do this purpose in those days. The early pizza used garlic, tomatoes, anchovies, different type of cheeses, and oil for tasty toppings. 

Later, Italian immigrants brought their dish to the united states. But it didn’t get much attention until the servicemen returned from world war 2 and come back home after developing a taste for it in Italy. This time pizza got hit in the markets and became a popular food in America. 

About Pizza day Celebration

There is no exact location for this holiday celebration. Grab a tasty and flavorful cheesy pizza and enjoy every bite with your favorite ones. It could be your family, friends, and lover too.

The only way to enjoy pizza day is by buying different flavors of pizza and tasting its various forms. Go out to your favorite local pizzeria and reserve a comfortable spot for enjoying the melting taste.

You can enjoy the flavors of pizza on two levels. You can either buy a slice of your favorite pizza or have a try with different pizzas that you didn’t eat yet. 

Different ways to celebrate National Pizza Day

You can celebrate this day wherever you want to be. You can go to your favorite pizza spot and buy a box of pizza for your loved ones. If you need some kind of solitude, you can also visit a local pizzeria and enjoy your own company with a delicious appetizer. Here are some of the ways that help you to enjoy National Pizza day in a better way.

  • Make a delicious pizza at home

Most people prefer to buy pizzas from a local pizzeria. If you want to try something different, then make your own pizza with more flavorful toppings. 

  • Experiment with new crusts, sauces

Make a unique approach to the pizzas. Do not go for as usual. Experiment with something new. It may give more exposure to a variety of toppings, tasty sauces, and crusts. 

  • Watch Movies like Little Italy and Mystic Pizza

If you are a person who is obsessed with movies, then watch a movie related to pizza. It may give a new experience.

  • Check out the celebration deals 

Many of the pizza supply chains will provide the best offers and discounts on national pizza day. You can buy the most expensive pizza in the best offer on February 9. The pizzeria will also give discounts. Have a clear idea about the best offers and discounts offered by your favorite pizza spot.  

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