Newest Drug For Low Cholesterol

This New Oral Drug Is On Its Way To Becoming An Alternative To Statins

The food and drug administration after a lot of clinical trials has recently approved two new statin drugs. During the drug trial, these statin drugs have shown symptoms that can reduce the cholesterol level. In this article, you will get to know every detail about this new Statin drug.

What Is The Newest Drug For Low Cholesterol?

In this era where people hardly get time to focus on their health, rising cholesterol has become one of the very big health issues and many people are trying out ways to focus on new ways which can help them to reduce their cholesterol levels and enter a phase of good health.

If you are someone who is working on reducing the level of cholesterol in the body then this is probably very good news for you. A new non-statin oral drug named bempedoic acid is all set to become an alternative drug to statin. Bempedoic acid can work by hampering the enzyme named ATP citrate lyase. This ATP Citrate lyase produces cholesterol in the human liver and causes many other health issues.   

In recent years statin drugs have shown harmful side effects on the human body. Statins were used as a drug to reduce Cholesterol levels in the human body but since the drug started showing unfavorable side effects like muscle pain, weakness in the body, etc doctors were trying to find out an alternative to this harmful drug.

On the other hand, Bempedoic acid has very mild muscle pain and it won’t cause any further harm to the patient.

Newest Drug For Low Cholesterol-Bempedoic acid

Advantages Observed: 

Experts have found in their research that this new non-statin Bempedoic acid has a comparatively lower density of lipoprotein cholesterol. This lipoprotein cholesterol is considered a bad type of cholesterol that causes a lot of health issues in the human body.

In the research, it was found that in the Bempedoic acid when used with a low dosage of statin, the amount of lipoprotein was less than around 18% which is favorable for the human body.

On the other hand, one more added benefit of this Bempedoic acid is that patients who can’t tolerate statins following the side effects can take this drug too. A huge number of today’s world’s population is suffering from diabetes along with high cholesterol.

Experts are now looking forward to studying the effects of this Bempedoic acid on people who are suffering from diabetes as well as high cholesterol.  

More Experiments are on the way:

There is still a long way to go before this drug reaches the market. This Bempedoic acid is being studied by the Food and drug administration department which is closely monitoring the effects of the drug on the cholesterol level in the human body and especially on heart health. Once the drug clears all the tests by the FDA it will become available in the market for medical use.

If we analyze the data of the United States alone we can easily see that a huge population of more than 70 million people is suffering from high cholesterol, diabetes, or even many heart-related diseases. A majority of this patient population is on the statins prescribed by their doctors.

On the other hand, we cannot ignore the fact that this Bempedoic acid may prove to be an effective alternative for lowering cholesterol levels but it cant be seen as a replacement for a healthy lifestyle that includes a proper balanced healthy diet as well as a lot of exercises.

Even doctors and health experts recommend exercise and a healthy lifestyle as the only option for good health and happy life.

In short, there are still several tests and experiments left for this new drug to enter the market. Till then do not forget to involve a healthy diet and regular exercise in your daily routine.

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