Birchrun Hills Farm

Birchrun Hills Farm is a family-owned dairy located in the highlands of Birchrunville, Chester County, Pa. The Millers caringly handcraft raw-milk cheese from the milk of the farm’s Holstein cows. Because the quality of milk defines the character of cheese, the cows’ well being comes first and no growth hormones are used.

Ken and Susan Miller take pride in the agricultural tradition of Chester County, Pa. Ken began farming as a teenager and offers over 30 years experience growing crops and raising livestock. A successful dairy farm since 1981 and selling cheese since 2006, Birchrun Hills Farm also raises whey-fed pork and grass- and milkfed veal.

The family commits themselves to farming using conservation-minded methods that build soil fertility and promote the growth of organic matter. The Miller’s sons, Randy and Jesse are also active in the farm operation. Ken and Sue are members of the American Cheese Society, Chester County Buy Fresh Buy Local, Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture and Pennsylvania Farmstead & Artisan Cheese Alliance.

Birchrun Hills Farm cheeses can be ordered by phone, e-mail or at one of the listed retail locations. Check back for monthly on-farm sale days, dates for dinner and tastings at local restaurants and other events where Birchrun cheese can be purchased and enjoyed.

Our Cheese Varieties

Birchrun Blue
creamy buttery bright blue cheese.


Fat Cat
our own recipe, earthy, tangy with a grassy finish. Sassy with a little funk.


a young alpine style cheese, creamy, nutty with notes of caramel and a hint of salt.


Red Cat
this smaller but mightier version of Fat Cat is a washed rind cheese is pungent, creamy, rich and filled with goodness.

Seasonal Cheeses – Find us at farmer’s market to try our seasonal cheese offerings.

Retail Locations

On Farm


Farmers Markets/Farm Stands

Phoenixville Farner’s Market
Sat. 9-1

Bryn Mawr Farmers’ Market
Sat. 10-2

East Goshen Farmers’ Market
Thurs. 3 – 7pm 

Headhouse Farmer’s Market
Sun. 10-2

Media Farmer’s Market
Thurs. 3-7



Kimberton Whole Foods
Kimberton, Pa.

DiBruno Brothers
Philadelphia, Pa.

Fair Food Farmstand
Philadelphia, Pa.

Talula’s Table
Kennett Square, Pa.

Betty’s Speakeasy
Philadelphia, Pa.