How To Lose Weight When You Have High Cholesterol

How To Lose Weight When You Have High Cholesterol? 6 Effective Ways!

Obesity can damage your health to a great extent. Being overweight does lead to many diseases which can cause severe health problems. The number of people who are overweight has been increasing phenomenally. If you have cholesterol and you are overweight, it is suggested to lose weight for a healthier life. A person with cholesterol may have excess fat tissue in the body which can cause the person to be overweight. This high level of cholesterol demands the reduction of weight which will automatically reduce the amount of cholesterol as well. 

6 Ways To Lose Weight When You Have High Cholesterol!

Weight reduction can be challenging and sometimes fail to bring the desired output. Proper planning is essential for maintaining your weight along with your health.

Weight loss is not an easy task as it forces you to stop eating the food you love the most, and start working out which might make you get exhausted, and eating less is a horrible part because you know you’re gonna starve at the end of the day but losing weight is a significant part to help maintain cholesterol levels.

Lose Weight When You Have High Cholesterol

I’ve got some ways to lose weight when you have high cholesterol, let’s take a look at them:

1. Working out regularly

A lot of people may get overweight due to their inactivity. Exercising for about 30 – 40 minutes a day can remarkably reduce your weight. You can do it anytime at your convenience. Adding a workout to your daily routine can help bring many positive changes to your life, not just physically but also mentally. The little bit of time dedicated to doing the exercise can be the most valuable one. 

Daily exercise for High Cholesterol

2. Watch what you eat and in what quantity

Food has a significant role in balancing your weight. Food with high calories and fat content may not be the best suitable option for you. You need to check for the ingredients and the calorie content in your food before you eat, that helps you from eating anything which affects your weight. It is necessary to completely avoid processed foods.  

The portion of the food you eat must be considered as important as what type of food you eat. You should watch your portions and constrain yourself from eating too much. 

3. Reduce saturated fat and trans fat

Saturated and trans fat are types of dietary fat that are unhealthy. It is contained mainly in dairy products and meat. As it has a high content of fat, these are to be avoided if you have cholesterol. Having foods that contain saturated fats in excess can eventually lead you to gain weight and other health problems like heart disease. 

4. Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet

You must have a diet full of food that is rich in nutrients and minerals, which can help you lose weight most healthily. Fruits have a high amount of nutrients in them which is essential for your body’s health.

Adding more fruits like oranges, strawberries, and apples to your diet can lower your cholesterol levels (LDL). Having vegetables is also a great way to reduce cholesterol. 

5. Have more fatty fish

Fatty fish are abundant in omega 3 fatty acids which are considered to be the ‘healthy fat’. It is proven that omega fatty acids can lower your bad cholesterol level and increase the level of HDL(high-density lipoproteins), which is good cholesterol. Fish like salmon and mackerel have high amounts of fatty acids and therefore can be used in your diet. 

6. Eat enough fiber

Eating fiber daily has increased health benefits. Plant-based food has a lot of fiber content and should be added to your diet to lose more weight.

Fibers are good in helping your body to reduce fat and in maintaining your health and wellbeing. Beans and legumes, nuts, and seeds are all rich in fiber content. 


Cholesterol can be really bad for your health and it must be eliminated from your life completely. Weight loss plays a significant role in the process of reducing cholesterol levels.

The best way to achieve the weight loss goal is to have a balanced diet that is rich in nutrients along with a regular workout. Being healthy will want you to live more of a happy life forever.   

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