The IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances) Established A New Cheese Starter Culture

IFF Brings In New Cheese Culture Aiming To Add More Flavor And Advantages

The IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances) developed a new cheese starter culture to enhance cheddar cheese flavors. The new edge promoted by IFF is the Choozit vintage line which is of high-performing culture. 

About Choozit Vintage, its purpose is to lessen the intensity of the issues that have been commonly found in cheddar cheese as it ages. So, by making use of this culture, issues like gas, the formation of crystals, and changes in color and texture can be defended. 

The IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances) Established A New Cheese Starter Culture

The new attempt from IFF brings more good news since it can significantly enhance the efficiency of the cheese-making process, cheese quality, as well as yield and whey quantity.  

Choozit starter is also one of the high-performing culture rage used by IFF. Besides, it includes seven rotations of blended mesophilic and thermophilic cultures that are direct to vat. This culture also addresses the various challenges associated with cheddar cheese while allowing the manufacturers to have a more reliable and stable composition for cheese. 

IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances) Established A New Cheese Starter Culture

Additionally, Choozit Vintage provides a list of advantages like sustainability while reducing the use of energy and addresses the challenges of shorter aging times and fewer storage options. 

Moreover, making use of this culture reduces the wastage that comes along with the trimming process and production. A near alternative to the Choozit Vintage is phage and culture which also brings on more biodiversity, providing less wastage during production. 

The senior global product manager for cheese at IFF, Annie Mornet said that the benefits of having the Choozit Vintage are many as it is an easy-to-use culture. Besides, it can greatly help cheese manufacturers to get rid of stifles like flavor development, let it be the development of bitterness as the cheese gets aged, or developing reliable pH and texture results proceeding with the ripening process. 

Mornet also added that extensive trials have been conducted by the authority and they have shown a rise in savoy notes in connection with Choozit Vintage. Meanwhile, she further said, the manufacturers of cheddar cheese can now be more confident as it allows them to produce flavors that are well balanced, consistent, and smooth and at the same time provide clean-cut texture in every batch. 

As per reports, the new product is set to be available in both US and Canada as in these countries people are fond of cheddar cheese

Based on the insights of Innova Market, cheddar tops the most cheese-based ingredients that have been widely used in a variety of meals, bakery, and snack categories. This makes people from the US tend to choose cheddar over other cheese varieties, and they use it in 50% of cheese-based products in 2021. 

A couple of months ago, IFF sold its solutions group for approximately $900 million, which was responsible for the development of ingredients for butchers and plant-based systems. After a few weeks, the company launched the new cheese starter culture that hopefully can intensify cheese quality and taste. 

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