Best Cheese For Your Healthy Pizza

Healthiest Cheese For Pizza – Best Pizza Tips You Can Do!

Let’s be honest, cheese is never healthy for the human body in the long run. Overconsumption of natural cheese promotes the accumulation of cholesterol, which further results in artery blockage, heart failure, or excess amount of visceral fat. Then again, artificial cheese such as vegan cheese is somewhat healthy but all of them taste bland. Sometimes artificial cheese even causes bloating or constipation. 

Which Is The Best Cheese For Your Healthy Pizza?

The focus here is on natural cheese because they are easily available on the market and they taste great. Most of them are very easy to digest. Cheese (remember, we are discussing only the natural kind) comes in many forms and shapes. Some are made fresh and do not last for more than a week.

Healthiest Cheese For Pizza

Others are aged for months, sometimes years. Some have holes in them, some don’t. Some of them taste sweet and creamy, while some others taste tangy or flavourful. There are some artisans who put natural herbs, petals, or masala in their cheese. The smell can be a big differentiator as well. Moldy and aged cheese usually smell pungent. 

Having said that, not all kinds of cheese go well with pizza. When you are making a pizza, you should only use a special kind of cheese called ‘pizza cheese’, which basically refers to the types of cheese that go great with pizza. 

Here are some of the best and healthiest cheese for pizza:

?Mozzarella cheese

Mozzarella is a fresh cheese derived from buffalo milk. It does not last beyond five to six days. Mozzarella cheese is very soft and creamy on the palette. It is not an aged cheese so the moisture content is relatively high. The fermented and salty flavor that we associate with cheese is very low in fresh mozzarella.

It is used widely on American pizza because of its stretch and taste. Mozzarella cheese is usually sold in brine or shaped like a ball. For example, bocconcini is a special kind of mozzarella cheese that comes in the shape of a very small ball.


Cow Fromage is a delicate kind of fresh cheese. It has a thin and semi-solid outer layer around it and there is a creamy center that just melts into your mouth when you take a bite. Fromage is used on authentic Italian pizza. It has a distinctive freshness in taste and smell which makes it stand apart from brie cheese. The problem with this cheese is that when it is heated, the milk solids coagulate and the cheese releases water. It does not have a long shelf-life either. 

?Blended cheese

Blended cheese is now a buzzword in the pizza industry. This kind of cheese is a combination of processed cheddar cheese, which is the regular cheese cubes that we eat, and processed mozzarella cheese. This way, the taste comes from the cheddar cheese and the stretch comes from the mozzarella cheese. 

Although mozzarella and cow Fromage taste delicious, have a good stretch and melt beautifully, their only disadvantage apart from a short shelf life is that you need to grate the cheese every time you are making pizza, especially for a larger number of people, which is pretty cumbersome. Blended cheese, however, comes as diced and frozen, so it is very easy and convenient to use this kind of cheese on pizza. This is why commercial restaurants and big pizza chains are using blended cheese.


Last but certainly not least, all three of these cheeses become stringy when they are hot. But as they are getting cooled down, they do not remain rubbery. They become very soft to chew at this stage. So, pick a cheese from the list that suits best for your specific purpose.

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