Why You Should Consume More Strawberries? Here Are 12 Reasons

Fruits are the best nourishment you can give your body. They taste delicious and supplements you with the required vitamins and minerals.

Benefits Of Strawberries

Among all fruits, strawberries are the best to be consumed consistently as they are a rich source of Vitamin C. 

Benefits Of Strawberries

1. Supports immune system :

Your immune system functions well when you enrich it with Vitamin C. Strawberries are one of the fruits that are enriched with Vitamin C and thereby keep your immune system in check.

Strawberries contain powerful antioxidants that fight off free radicals and toughen up your immune system.

2. Boosts skin health :

Although you have a perfect skin routine, your skin health is enhanced when you consume healthy food. Skin health enhances more with internal nourishment than with the external application of serums, moisturizers, and so on.

Owing to the high concentration of Vitamin C and enriched with other vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, Potassium, calcium, magnesium, and folate, strawberries do wonders for your skin.

Strawberries boost collagen production in your skin and make you look younger by tightening your sagged skin. This fruit also helps in protecting your skin from the damage caused by ultraviolet rays and hence is the better fit for your skin. 

3. Lowers blood pressure:

Strawberries are rich in potassium, a component known to reduce the high blood pressure of your body.  When you consume strawberries regularly, the sodium content in your system will be neutralized and this helps in controlling blood pressure.

Strawberries contain Anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant that opens up blood vessels and enhances the smooth transition of blood flow, and lowers the risk of high blood pressure.

4. Curbs Cholesterol 

The anthocyanins and fiber present in strawberry lowers the presence of LDL cholesterol or bad Cholesterol. Even a low dose of strawberry consumption can lower your LDL cholesterol by 4.9%. Even your triglyceride levels will be lowered when you consume strawberries regularly. 

5. Strengthens memory :

Strawberries reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and keep your brain sharp. All age-related memory loss issues will be tackled when strawberries are consumed regularly. In addition to curing memory loss, this fruit also boosts your brain power.

Strawberries are listed as the top food when it comes to your brain they lower your cognitive decline as you age. This fruit enhances your critical thinking ability by boosting your brain function.

6. Aids in weight loss :

Since strawberries are high in water content and have a pulpy texture to them, they make you feel full for a long time and thereby prevent you from binge eating.

Strawberries enable you to stick to your diet and balance your weight. The presence of fiber in this fruit makes it the best option to consume during dieting as it will curb your hunger levels. 

7. Cures constipation :

Fiber is known to promote stool movement through the intestinal tract and when you consume fiber-rich foods you will not face constipation issues.

As a major proportion of strawberries is filled with water and fiber, which are easy to digest, strawberries ensure smooth bowel movements and relieve constipation. 

8. Strengthens gums:

Strawberries with their rich Vitamin C content ensure your gums are strong and healthy and thereby promote strong teeth.

This fruit is also rich in calcium which is essential to your tooth health. When you do some strawberries regularly your dental care will be taken care of naturally. 

9. Protects against cancer :

The Anthocyanins of strawberries protect your body from cancer by eradicating all the free radicals and cancer-inducing cells.

Your body’s oxidative stress can also be reduced by consuming strawberries regularly. The anti-inflammatory properties of strawberries diminish the growth of several types of cancer cells. 

10. Cures Anemia:

When your body is low in iron content, you are said to be anemic. Strawberries are rich in Vitamin B9 and folate which enables them to produce healthy red blood cells.

Your body turns anemic when the presence of folate is low. Folate deficiency is the main source of anemia.

With adequate folate content, cells form and regenerate in your body at regular intervals and therefore regular consumption of strawberries will treat anemia and make you healthy. 

11. Promotes heart health :

Strawberries are rich in flavonoids that are known for their bioactive properties. This fruit reduces the oxidative stress of your body and prevents the hardening of the arteries. This helps keep the blood pressure in control and assists in fighting free radicals. 

12. Protects your digestive system :

The water and fiber content of strawberries is harmless to your digestive system and they boost the digestive functions of your body.

In addition to regulating your bowel movements, strawberries also keep you hydrated. By feeding the friendly bacteria in your gut, strawberries improve your gut health and protect your body from harmful diseases.

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