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What Happens If You Forget To Take Your Cholesterol Medicine?

There are various reasons as to why your bad cholesterol levels might be surging. Fortunately, it is treatable. And while the traditional remedy that is, lifestyle changes and doctor-prescribed medications can help bring down the LDL levels, the last thing you need is to miss taking your meds on time. Yikes! the feeling of guilt can be intense.   

Importance Of Cholesterol Medicine?

Of course, it is important to take your statins on time. But if you forget about it, it is even more important to stop panicking and consume the medication the moment you remember. Several cholesterol patients, in fact, many individuals who are under medications can sometimes forget to take their pills. It’s pretty common than you think!


However, you might want to be aware of the consequences. Studies show that forgetting or completely stopping the intake of statins can further raise the risk of strokes. Back in 2017, in a research article published in the Journal of American Heart Association, it was found that those who discontinued the use of statins between 3-6 months after an ischemic stroke had an increased risk of another stroke. 

And in 2018, Vascular Risk and Health Management, a prominent journal, stated that irregular consumption of statins or simply not taking them in the recommended dosage can not only hinder the recovery process but also cause further cardiovascular issues that may even lead to death. 

According to researchers, there are various reasons that people either skip or forget their cholesterol medicine. To start with, it might be the high expense involved in every refill, the worries about negative reactions, inconsistent visits to the doctor, and so on. 

Moreover, elevated cholesterol is most often accompanied by fewer symptoms compared to other health issues. Hence, you may not feel the need to take your meds regularly and therefore end up forgetting or skipping them. 

No matter the severity of your bad cholesterol levels, for effective recovery, the prescribed statins have to be taken daily. Even if you commit to a heart-healthy diet or exercise plan, for the desired results, it is crucial to be the same with your statins. 

This does not mean that if you go a day without statins, you can double your dosage to make up for it! You obviously do not want to worsen your cholesterol levels using your very own medications. 

How To Maintain A Regular Intake Of Statins? 

While it may seem difficult to remind yourself to be regular with your medications, here are a few tricks and tips that you can follow;

  • Maintain a pillbox that has all the days of the week marked. You can fill each of them as you take a statin every day. 
  • A medication journal can help you keep track of the dose, date, and time. 
  • Alarms or reminders on your smartphone that can notify you about taking your statin. 
  • Keep extra statins in handy so that even while you are traveling or simply enjoying a day out, you do not miss your intake. 

By following these steps accordingly, you can easily maintain regular use of your statins and restore healthy cholesterol in your body. 


Just as with any medicine, supplement, exercise regime, or diet plan, the most effective results are attainable when you practice consistency. And for statins to keep your cholesterol under control, daily use is vital. 

With the simple tricks and tips that I mentioned earlier, you can easily remind yourself to take your statins on time. Pair it up with a nutritious diet and regular workouts, your overall wellness can be restored effectively. 

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