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Ghost String Cheese – A Delicious Halloween Snack!

You must be wondering why are we suddenly combining cheese with ghosts. We are here to welcome the Halloween season!

Every year, this holiday is celebrated with zest and zeal by all adults. Kids run off to the neighborhood and collect as many candies as they possibly can. There are so many varieties of candies on Halloween and all are directed toward the festive theme.

Healthy Ghost String Cheese

This year, people have decided to switch to something healthier than candies, and thus, ghost string cheese is introduced! This delicious, cheesy, stringy, and scary treat might become your kids’ favorite. They are super easy to prepare and you can keep them coming for the neighbors’ children.

Healthy Ghost String Cheese

How To Prepare Ghost String Cheese?


String Cheese (Depends on how many treats to prepare)


✅Draw a ghost face on the plastic wrapper on cheese sticks using a permanent marker

✅Arrange all the cheese sticks in the candy bucket or serving tray

✅Watch the kids take them all!

Ghost String Cheese doesn’t exactly have a recipe and is one of the easiest Halloween treats to pass out. You don’t need to put in any effort but the result would always be 100%. All the kids love cheese so why rush to the store at the last moment and grab those old candies? Prepare these cheese ghosts at home and give out a Halloween vibe. We are sure all the neighborhood kids would love to visit you every year!

These ghost string cheese treats are even cute to look at and would not put any of the kids into a sugar rush. Keeping them healthy and happy, everyone has turned into a big fan of these sticks. After all, it is always nice to keep some treats handy that don’t contribute to the sugar increase.

Put these treats out on Pinterest and Instagram and let others take inspiration from you. They are worth capturing for the social media feed.

Use All Year!

Although scary, these cheese sticks will not only be an impressive holiday choice but a great school snack. They will be a cute lunch treat that all the little friends would love to enjoy. You only need two supplies for them and you can make so many in a single day. Simply draw eyes and mouth and you are good to go!

And why only children? It’s cheese and something that you are your friends would also love to enjoy over tea and a gossip session.

More Options To Check Out!

If you want to add some variety to these cheese string ghosts, why not shift to mummies? Wrap the cheese stick with a streamer and once fully secured, attach two googly eyes with the help of a hot gun, and you are done! These ghost crafts will not only fill your kid’s stomach but also create a nice bond between you two.

Now that we have learned all about these ghost cheese treats, let’s see how to can add them to your and your kid’s fun time –

  • Put them in the lunch box: That’s right, kids love to take some yummy snacks at school that they can enjoy during break time. Make it extra special during Halloween with these cheese string treats.
  • Halloween party treats: Not only kids but even adults love to enjoy some party treats on Halloween. Add these cheese strings to the menu and impress anyone who comes for a visit.
  • Pass out for trick-or-treaters: Those notorious trick-or-treaters love an unlimited supply of candies! But alas, store-bought eventually run out. So, in this situation, you can always switch to this unlimited party treat. Who doesn’t love some cheese strings? We know your kids do!
  • Add to the basket: If you don’t want to hand out cheese string sticks alone, you can always curate a treat basket and use it with food and drinks.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the permanent marker and start decorating! Halloween is right around the corner and we don’t want the kids to have a sugar rush. Don’t forget to upload the adorable pictures online and be an inspiration for other parents this festive season.

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