Healthy Dietary Fats Help Beat High Cholesterol

Healthy Dietary Fats Help Beat High Cholesterol – A Complete Guide!

The virus has raised many more health issues among people. High cholesterol is one such health problem that has become a headache for many people.  Now the main question is are you suffering from high cholesterol and wondering how to keep it at a safe level? There are many ways that can help you in maintaining your cholesterol level to normal. Healthy dietary fats can help you to achieve your goal in this regard. Bid adieu to saturated fats from your diet and switch to healthy dietary fats to keep the risks of cardiovascular diseases at bay.

Healthy Dietary Fats Help Beat High Cholesterol – Tips To Lower Cholesterol!

A simple change can help you to lead a healthy life with your friends and family. Note that dietary fats should cover up to 25 to 35% of your daily calorie intake. Sources of healthy dietary fats include unsaturated oils (such as olive, safflower, and canola oils), nuts, and so on.

Healthy Dietary Fats Help Beat High Cholesterol

Which are the Dietary Fats which can reduce cholesterol levels?

The main goal is to realize how saturated fat adversely impacts your body by increasing the LDL (low-density lipoprotein) or bad cholesterol level. Baked food items, processed foods, dairy items, chocolate, deep-fried items, and some meats are sources of saturated fat.

Trans fats also act as a villain for your body as it leaves no stone unturned to lift up the bad cholesterol level. Trans fats are found in foods prepared with hydrogenated fats and hydrogenated oils. So, say goodbye to French fries, stick margarine, or crackers if you want to keep your heart healthy.

You already know healthy dietary fats help to lower the cholesterol level in the body. These healthier fats are mono-unsaturated fats and poly-unsaturated fats. Sources of monounsaturated fats include oils like safflower, olive, avocado, and canola. On the other hand, sources of polyunsaturated fats are soybean, peanut, and corn oils.

How does it reduce cholesterol levels?

Healthy dietary fats (polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats) are regarded as the healthiest fats, as they help to lower the cholesterol level.

Including foods that contain good cholesterol can help you to lower the saturated fats in the body and rescue cholesterol too. Including vegetable oils such as olive oil, sunflower oil, soy oil, canola, corn, etc can help one to maintain a good cholesterol level in the body. It can also enable one to keep a check on bad cholesterol too. Most vegetable oil does not constrain trans fat and hence, experts do recommend them for daily cooking.

Inflammation is one of the major causes of serious heart-related disease. It can have a drastic impact on your heart health. Many research studies state, healthy fats also help to alleviate inflammation. Therefore, including healthy dietary fats can certainly help one to reduce the risk factors of heart disease and welcome good health.

Recent Clinical Trials

There are many medical universities that are conducting different clinical trials on cholesterol. Clinical trials found that cardiovascular disease gets lowered by around 30% when the use of poly-unsaturated vegetable oil is increased over saturated fat. The higher use of mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fat helps to alleviate cardiovascular ailments. It will help in reducing high cholesterol levels.

Final Take

If you want to keep your heart healthy, then you need to incorporate nutrient-rich foods into your diet while eliminating saturated fats and other adverse elements. This small change helps to keep cardiovascular ailments, such as strokes, heart attacks, etc at bay.

Mono and polyunsaturated vegetable oils, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, etc act as a boon to the heart. So, choose your food options carefully, as you have to take care of your heart.

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