Drinking water and Cholesterol
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Does Drinking A Lot Of Water Lower Cholesterol?   

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance found in your body. It is the function of the liver, to produce cholesterol. Cholesterol is an essential substance, as far as your body is concerned. But like any other thing, too much cholesterol in your blood vessels and arteries can be troublesome and even potentially life-threatening.


Water Lowers Cholesterol!! Know The Fact

There are two types of cholesterol Good Cholesterol (HDL) and Bad Cholesterol (LDL). Good Cholesterol (HDL) is needed for your body to function, whereas Bad Cholesterol (LDL) can be troublesome. In this contemporary era, cholesterol is a lifestyle condition rather than a disease.

Does Drinking A Lot Of Water Lower Cholesterol      

Cholesterol, if not controlled, can become fatal for your heart. Cholesterol increases your chances of cardiac arrests and heart attacks.  So it is always very important to keep your cholesterol levels in control through exercise regimes and dietary plans.

There are many natural remedies to keep your body’s cholesterol at bay and drinking water has been one of the prominent measures among them.

Even though drinking water directly will not reduce your cholesterol levels, it stimulates your body in many different ways to get rid of your excess fats and bad cholesterol (LDL) accumulated in your arteries and blood vessels.

Let’s see how.

Proper hydration is always necessary for your body to ensure proper blood circulation and thereby ensuring good health. A decreased water intake will lead to dehydration and that may reduce your blood volume. A reduction in your blood volume tends to put some pressure on your arteries.

Water Lowers Cholesterol

If you reduce your water intake, then your cell wall thickens and provides extra cholesterol in order to cope with the reduced fluid levels. The extra cholesterol that is made is Bad Cholesterol (LDL). LDL cholesterol then settles down in your arteries and blood vessels creating a blockage.

If blood is not pumped back to your heart from your artery, then your heart starts dying immediately. So always consider cholesterol as a potentially life-threatening condition.

The more the dehydration, the more your body produces cholesterol, and the more your body produces cholesterol, the more amount of cholesterol is accumulated in your artery. This is why proper hydration is always necessary for your body.


Water is known to increase and enhance your body’s metabolism. As your body’s metabolism increases, your functionality, endurance, stamina, cognitive capabilities, etc will also improve a lot.

This will stimulate your body to get enough exercise, and enough exercise regularly will help you to reduce the amount of cholesterol accumulated in your arteries and blood vessels. 

Water hydrates your body throughout and hydration reduces the production of cholesterol and also reduces the accumulation of cholesterol in your arteries. Water also has the additional property of promoting cellular growth and regulating your body temperature effectively.

Water has been a well-known agent that washes out the toxins accumulated inside your body through your urine. Drinking water supports and accelerates your weight reduction process.

Water can wash out those extra fat chunks inside your body. The absence of excessive body weight itself is a good measure to safeguard yourself from lifestyle conditions like cholesterol, blood sugar (Diabetes), and blood pressure.

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