All You Need To Know About Probiotics

Probiotics Uncovered – The Truth About How They Can Improve Your Health!

Do you know that your gut comprises more than millions of bacteria? And no, not all of them are as dangerous or harmful. In fact, your digestive system includes both good and bad bacteria. Together they are known as the microbiome. And they are not just bacteria but viruses, protozoa, and fungi as well. 

Types & Benefits Of Probiotics

Now, one of the key tricks to staying healthy and energetic is to balance the microbiome. You see, these microscopic living organisms play a key role in maintaining a healthy digestive system, which affects the functioning of the body as a whole. 

Not everyone has the same microbes. Each body works differently and this healthy working mechanism is again the result of a balanced microbiome. 

Types & Benefits Of Probiotics

You must be wondering then what exactly are probiotics. Well, they are the good microbes present in the gut and have different attributes. Such as; 

  • They have proven nutritional benefits for your body. 
  • They can be taken without any encounter with harmful reactions. 
  • They are in isolated form. 
  • They can survive in the intestine after consumption. 

Types Of Probiotics 

There are 7 different types of probiotics. However, when it comes to probiotic supplements, you will mostly find 2 specific good bacteria. And these are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Added to that, probiotics involve yeast, with the most commonly used being saccharomyces boulardii

As mentioned earlier, probiotics support a balanced gut and hence a healthy body. Of course, poor immunity can easily lead to various health issues. Probiotics prevent the entry of harmful bacteria and promote optimal performance. That is to say, they help keep the body in a balanced state. 

 Probiotic Supplements

There are many other functions of probiotics such as; 

  • Vitamin production. 
  • Breakdown and absorption of pills. 
  • Healthy digestion. 
  • Protects the health of the cells that line the gut. This is meant to prevent the entry of harmful bacteria that enters the body through the food consumed. 

Benefits Of Probiotics

Since probiotics enable the body in optimal health and function, here are a few of the benefits that can give you a better insight; 

Stronger Immunity: Studies show that certain probiotics can boost the production of immune cells and other antibodies. Consuming an adequate amount of probiotics may support respiratory health, according to researchers. However, more study is required in this area. 

Cardiovascular Health: Studies show that good microbes can regulate cholesterol levels and battle hypertension. They help reduce the absorption of cholesterol. To be exact, the good bacteria that produce lactic acid help to break down the bile that is high in cholesterol. This helps inhibit the reabsorption of the gut, naturally preventing its entry as cholesterol. 

Weight Loss: Probiotics have various functions when it comes to metabolism and fitness. They fight against cravings and inhibit fat accumulation as well as the absorption of fat in the intestines. To be precise, Lactobacillus acidophilus again can boost metabolism as seen in the case of several studies. 

Healthy Digestion: As mentioned earlier, the good bacteria that live in the gut to maintain a healthy digestive system. Not only do they assist in the breakdown of food items but also relieve gastric troubles such as diarrhea, bloating, pain, etc. 

Mood Enhancement: Anxiety not only comes in the form of profuse sweating or shaking body but also an upset stomach. This is because elevated stress activates the brain’s fight or flight response, interrupting the healthy function of the gut. The gut also produces neurotransmitters similar to dopamine, gamma-aminobutyric acid, and serotonin, thereby reducing binge eating and helping you stay relaxed. 

Balancing The Gut With Probiotics 

Now that you know what probiotics are and how they work, the question comes as to how you can increase their production in your body. These good microbes can be found in both foods and supplements. 

Here are a few of the probiotic-rich foods that you can incorporate into your diet; 

  • Yogurt. 
  • Tempeh. 
  • Miso. 
  • Sourdough bread. 
  • Cottage cheese. 
  • Kimchi. 
Probiotic-Rich Foods

Regarding probiotic supplements, they are made using complex carbohydrates that serve as food for the brain. Although probiotic supplements are generally considered safe for the body since the bacteria involved are already present in the body, not all bodies may be safe from encountering harmful reactions. 

For some people, probiotic supplements can cause allergies and gastric troubles that are usually mild. Hence, it is important to make sure that you consult with a healthcare provider before taking probiotics in supplement form. 


The advantages of probiotics are endless. These microorganisms are sure small in size but play a big role in your body’s general health and wellness. 

While you consume probiotic-rich foods to maintain a balanced gut flora, their results rely on how well you stick to your daily intake. 

And no matter if you prefer to go for a probiotic diet plan or a supplement, an in-depth discussion with your doctor can not only keep deadly consequences at bay but also facilitate plenty of benefits! 

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