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Fior de latte is an Italian word that means flower of milk. The word indicates the product is made with the best quality milk. Fior de latte is used interchangeably with mozzarella. It is a semi-soft cheese made in the style of a mozzarella. It originated in southern Italy.

Fior Di Latte – Does This Italian mozzarella Cheese Raise Your Cholesterol Levels?

The texture is kind of fibrous. But it became a sort of milky liquid while cutting. It is a sure ingredient in almost pizzas, especially those made in new south wales and Australia. The tangy flavor adds a superb melting taste to the dishes made by Fior di latte.

Fior Di Latte 

What is Fior Di Latte?

Fior Di Latte mozzarella cheese is made of cow’s milk and it has a similar texture to a type of gelato ice cream. This mozzarella cheese is using additives in an attempt to emulate the taste. Fior di latte is similar to mozzarella.

However, it has differences based on the milk used in the production process. Fior de latte is one of the delicious stretched-curd cheeses that consuming by many people around the world.

Fior Di Latte Cheese

? Fior di Latte Recipe

? Fior di Latte Gelato Recipe

Nutritional value of Fior de latte cheese – Is Fior di Latte Cheese Healthy?

Fior de latte mozzarella cheese is healthy food. It contains various nutritional sources such as proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, etc. 

Fior de latte comprises 31 percent proteins, 68 percent lipids, and 1 percent carbohydrates. From a nutritional point of view, it is rich in proteins. Compared to buffalo mozzarella, the Fior di latte contains less fat.

Because it is made of cow’s milk and contains more protein contents. It is considered a fresh lean cheese because of the least calorie factors contained in the Fior di latte cheese.

It plays a significant role in the diet process. It is valid in the weight loss process. The high biological value made the health value of Fior di latte mozzarella.

But,  keep remembering that the saturated fatty acids in the mozzarella cheese may affect your cholesterol level.

So it is better to take suggestions from a dietitian or doctor about the quantity of intake.

The water-soluble vitamins in the cheese help support the body’s metabolic process. 

? Does Fior di latte contain Lactose?

Normally every cheese tends to be higher in lactose. The amount of lactose may vary based on the different types of cheese.

However, it contains the lactose component. When it comes to fior di latte mozzarella, it has a close resemblance to fresh pasta filata cheese. Because these mozzarella cheeses are lactose-free.

Fior di latte mozzarella has appeared in bright color with a smooth texture. Fior di latte can be used both raw and cooked.

This lactose-free cheese is best to accompany tomatoes in a Caprese with a drizzle. 

Best ways for serving Fior di latte 

There are many ways to serve delicious fior di latte mozzarella with your favorite food. Southern Italy’s Campania region is famous around the world for its fior di latte mozzarella cheese.

Traveling through Campania you can see the presence of Fior di latte in a wide variety of dishes in the restaurants. The freshly made cheese is served with sliced prosciutto, bresaola, or salami. Here are some ways to enjoy the Fior di Latte Mozzarella.

One of the best ways to serve the mozzarella is by making the delicious salad Insalata Caprese. You only need to slice the tomatoes, make a layer of fior di latte mozzarella on top, and add virgin olive oil and torn basil leaves. Finally, sprinkle it with salt and pepper. It makes a delicious taste.

Fior de latte cheese

Is Fior di latte the same as burrata?

As you know Fior di latte is an Italian cheese that is similar to mozzarella. But some people believe it is the same as burrata. Because it looks identical at first glance. Burrata is also an Italian cheese made of cow milk.

Just like Fior di latte vs mozzarella, burrata and Fior di latte cheese are different products. Both products originated in Italy and make use of cow’s milk. However, it has several distinctions.

Friar di latte is also known as mozzarella. It is produced from curd by adding lactic ferments and rennet to the pasteurized milk. the n cut the curds and separate the whey. Boil the sliced curds and make them stretch. This way mozzarella is processed. On the other hand, burrata is made from stretched curd of mozzarella. Burrata has a soft and creamy filling inside. Burrata is softer and higher in calories.

Difference between Fior Di Latte and Mozzarella

Fior Di latte and Mozzarella are often used as synonyms. But in reality, they are different products and the preparation and taste are also different. The primary distinction is made by the milk used in the production process.

Fior Di Latte and Mozzarella Comparision

Mozzarella is made from either cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk. Fior Di Latte cheese is a product made of only cow’s milk.

Another difference is based on the taste and flavor used in mozzarella and Fior Di Latte cheese. The Fior Di Latte has a more delicate taste and lighter flavor than mozzarella. Compared to mozzarella, fior di latte has less fat content and tastes sweeter.

? Does Fior di latte taste like mozzarella?

Fior di latte has a more delicate taste than mozzarella. Both dairy products have the same roots in the Campania region of southern Italy. But it has different tastes. Mozzarella is traditionally made of buffalo milk. On the other hand, Fior di latte is made of pasteurized cow milk. So the tastes may vary depending on the milk used for producing cheese curds. Mozzarella is a semi-hard type of cheese. But mozzarella conquers with a softer texture and sweeter flavor. 

Is Fior di latte mozzarella good for making pizza?

Fior di latte mozzarella is an excellent option for making pizzas and pasta.  Fior di latte pizza is famous in Campania. Especially, it is used as a topping for Neapolitan pizza. You can serve the fior di latte on different layers on top of the pizza. Whenever you get a chance to go to Campania, you must try Neapolitan pizza.

It gives the delicious taste of Fior di latte. It’s also called fior di latte pizza. People prefer to eat this soupy pizza due to its high moisture content. This classic cheese makes Neapolitan pizza different from others. It is widely used in Italian cuisine, especially in pizza. It can be easily melted with other dishes. 

Fior di latte mozzarella pizza

Are there any Substitutes for Fior di latte?

You want to make a recipe with Fior di latte. But you don’t have the cheese at your home. what would you do?

Fior di latte Substitutes

Have you thought about any alternatives for Fior di Latte? Of course, Fior di latte has the best alternative. Buffalo mozzarella can replace the Fior di latte. Buffalo mozzarella is made from buffalo milk. But it’s also similar to Fior di latte cheese. It can be used as an alternative to salads with sliced or cherry tomatoes.

How to Make Fior di Latte?

Fior di latte is available in almost grocery stores. The Italian people most preferably buy this Fior di latte cheese for making different recipes and add it to their pizza or other favorite dishes to make it more delicious.

If you want to make the Fior di latte mozzarella at your home, it’s also an easy and better way to get the original piece. It can be made within 10 minutes.

Fior di Latte Recipe

Let’s look into the ingredients and methods of preparing Fior di latte.


  • Milk -4 liters
  • Citric acid- 6 gm
  • Vegetarian rennet- 0.5 ml
  • Sea salt – 2 tablespoon

Steps for making the Fior di latte

  • Heat the milk in a stainless steel saucepan on medium heat. Blend g6 gm citric acid and 30 ml water in a bowl and mix it well.
  • Add rennet and water to a bowl and mix well. The next step is to add the mixture to the milk and blend.
  •  Turn off the heat and set them aside for allowing them to form curd. It will take 20 to 30 minutes to form the curd. Slice the curd into 3 cm pieces of each.
  • In order to increase the temperature of the curd, add boiled water to the curd. Give 20 to 30 minutes for firming the curd.
  • Strain through a sieve or a cheesecloth based on your convenience and set aside to drain for two to three hours.
  • In the next step, press on the curd for removing the moisture content and take a bowl that places the pressed-out curds into it.
  • Cut into pieces according to the size you need and scatter a pinch of salt. Don’t put too much salt into the slices.
  • For stretching the curd, add enough boiling water using wooden spoons.
  • Take a bowl of cool water. wear a pair of gloves and dip your hands in iced water and stretch the curd until it becomes smoothie in texture. 
  • You can pinch pieces of cheese into balls. The size may vary based on the shape you need. Put the rolled balls into a bowl of iced water.  The best yummy mozzarella is ready to fill your tummy.

Recipe Facts 

Product Name:? Fior Di Latte
Preparation time:5 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes
Freezing Time: 7 hrs 30 mins
Total time for making the recipe: 7 hrs 45 mins
Best Serve for:7 servings
Flavor: mild, milky, and creamy 

What is Fior di Latte Gelato?

Fior di latte Gelato is similar to ice cream. Unlike fior di latte mozzarella, gelato has more consumers. The creamy texture and the favorable flavors make the Fior di latte gelato unique from other dishes. it is made with more milk than cream and melts faster compared to ice cream. It is a high-quality dairy product at its best.

Let’s look at the ingredients needed for preparing Gelato and its making process.

Fior di Latte Gelato Recipe


  • Toasted sugar- 3 tablespoon
  • Whipping cream- 180 grams
  • Whole milk- 2 cups

Steps for making a Perfect Fior di Latte Gelato 

  • Heat the pan and add sugar and milk. Stir well until the sugar dissolves into the milk.
  • When it is boiled, remove it from heat. Add cream to the milk.
  • Set aside to cool the cream. When it has cooled, transfer it to the refrigerator and allow 2 hours time for freezing the cream.
  • Pour this cream into an ice cream maker and blend until it reached the thickness you need. 
  • In the last stage, you can freeze the gelato for 30 to 60 minutes for a better taste.

How can you store Fior di Latte gelato?

Just like ice cream, fior di latte Gelato melts fast if it keeps in an outer atmosphere. So it is better to store it in a freezer for reuse. It can be kept in an airtight container. It is better to keep it in stainless steel containers or in glass.

How long does it last?

If you store fior di latte Gelato in a freezer in the aforementioned method, it will keep for at least one week.

You can take the amount you need and replace it back in the freezer for the limited last of the recipe. 

Conclusion – Are Fior Di Latte & Mozzarella Cheese Are Same?

Fior di latte is indispensable mozzarella to people, especially Italian.

The semi-soft fior di latte cheese is remarkable in its processing and also with the nutritional value contained in the product.

The superb melting characteristics of the mozzarella make it the doorway to other countries.

If you don’t taste it yet, try to have it at your own home or buy it from the nearest markets. If you are a cheesehead, don’t skip this good part.

Thank You For Reading

Thank you for reading this piece to knowing more about the Italian delicious cheese. If you didn’t try this yet, it will be a great loss. Be open to experiencing new appetites. Drop us a comment below with your experiences.  

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