Is Cucumber Good For Cholesterol

Is Cucumber Good For Cholesterol? How It Is Beneficial?

Cholesterol is not as bad for your body as you think. Some amount of cholesterol is beneficial, in fact much needed for your body to function. Your liver is the organ that produces the cholesterol that your body needs to function. There are two types of cholesterol, Good Cholesterol (HDL) and Bad Cholesterol (LDL).


Cucumber Controls Cholesterol – Surprising Benefits!!

Food sources like meat, milk products, nuts, seeds, edible oils, fish, etc are also well-known sources of cholesterol. However, if consumed in large amounts, these food items can trigger the production of Bad Cholesterol (LDL) in your body. Many food items are found to be good for controlling your cholesterol levels and cucumber is one of those.

Cucumber Good For Cholesterol

Cucumber is a very nutritious and delicious natural food item, that can be added to your daily diet program regardless of the diet plans you have.

Cucumber has a very low-calorie content in it. 500 grams of cucumber only contains 120 calories. So, if you are someone who is looking to lose some extra pound of body weight, then having cucumber daily will be a wise idea. Along with that, cucumber has a lot of water and fiber content in it. These things will promote and accelerate your weight reduction process.

Some research shows that cucumbers can control your cholesterol. Some of the elements in cucumber have the property to control cholesterol.

Cucumber has an element known as plant sterols in it. Plant Sterols are known to reduce the Bad Cholesterol (LDL) levels by about ten to fifteen percent in each individual. Along with Plant Sterols, cucumber also has an element called Pectin in it. Same as Plant Sterols, Pectin is also known to reduce your Bad Cholesterol (LDL) levels by up to ten to fifteen percent.

Cucumber Control Cholesterol

Some studies also state that cucumbers are very effective as far as the fat-burning process is concerned. Rich soluble fibers in cucumber are thought to be flushing out those accumulated harmful toxins from your body.

Cucumbers gained this much popularity because of their simple and minimalist nature. They are very versatile food items and can be added to a wide variety of food items, in different forms.

Cucumbers are also known to control blood sugar levels. However, always keep in mind that a complete cucumber diet will not provide enough nutrients for you and you may end up facing nutrient deficiency.


Having too much cucumber, especially at night, triggers bloating because of its high water content and insoluble fiber content.

Having too much cucumber will usually end up resulting in an upset stomach. It is best advised to have cucumbers as salads, shakes, and smoothies along with your regular diet plan.

As mentioned above, cucumbers are less in calories, therefore you can try some cucumbers for an evening snack in the form of crisp chips, wafers, etc.

Like any other food item, having cucumbers in the appropriate quantity has a lot of health benefits and can induce a reduction in bad cholesterol (LDL), blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.

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