Statins Lower Good Cholesterol

Can Statins Lower Good Cholesterol? Are Statins Good For Health?

You hear most people brag about statins to lower your cholesterol. But you are not convinced enough. What if even your doctor suggests it? Would you still avoid it? Or is it because you don’t want to add another pile of medicine to your day-to-day life?

Does Statins Improve Cholesterol Level?

Anyway, keeping your cholesterol level stable is very important as long as it has a crucial role in putting your heart at risk.

So it is better you take note of the role that statins hold!

Statins Improve Cholesterol Level

How Does Statin Help?

Statins are a group of medicine that lowers the low-density lipoprotein commonly known as bad cholesterol which is a major threat to the human heart. Cholesterol must not be completely wiped out. The liver produces enough cholesterol that you need.

You need some of it for the smooth functioning of your body but too much of anything is not-so-good. And this too much cholesterol comes mostly from your unusual eating habits.

Statin helps the body to flush the cholesterol out of the walls of arteries and helps your heart from any risk. Much medical research has proven that the effect of taking statins are profound.

If the level of cholesterols could not be maintained with a proper health routine then the next thing a doctor does is to suggest statin because statin reduces LDL (bad cholesterol) and enhances HDL (good cholesterol).

Measuring The Benefits And Risks Of Statins

There must be a lot that goes through our minds before we start on something new. It compiles questions like how safe it is to how effective it would be.

Owing to all these answers, you should make sure to take your doctor’s advice before you begin statin therapy. Needless to say, it’s a potential result.

The risk may be different for different bodies depending on the level of cholesterol or the existing medication that your body takes in!

Side Effects Of Statins

Despite all its benefits, like any medicine, statins can interact with other medications and have their own side effects.

  • Very common side effects like headaches, rashes, and joint aches are seen.
  • Some less common side effects like high blood sugar, memory loss, and confusion are found in some people.
  • Meanwhile, liver or muscle damage is seen rarely.

Bottom Line – Can Statins Reverse Cholesterol Damage?

Living a healthy life may sound tiring but it is another option to keep up the pace of your heart. Medications for sure are a help but of course, a better way is always without pills. It’s just you will have to eat well, move more and take care of your body to keep your heart safe.

On the other hand, some people try supplements instead of statins if their cholesterol isn’t too bad. But sometimes you will have to rely on statins as exercises alone could not help you control the cholesterol level.

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