Oatmeal Or Cheerios

Is Oatmeal Or Cheerios Lower Cholesterol Better? Facts Checked!

Are you planning to take a healthy life and healthy diet? Are you confused about which is better, Oatmeal or cheerios? Both came across in many discussions because of their advantages and disadvantages.

Is It Good For Your Cholesterol To Eat Oatmeal And Cheerios?

Before starting the discussion, you have to think about a good and healthy breakfast that is always helpful for the total integration of our health. Primarily we can discuss the advantages of Oatmeal and cheerios in general,

Cholesterol Lowering Foods
  • Both could lower the risk of cardiac issues
  • Keep you energetic
  • Both are proven for reducing the cholesterol
  • Beneficial for digestion 
  • Manages cholesterol level

Oatmeal Vs Cheerios

There are so many differences between cheerios and oatmeal. Though both of them are used as breakfast, there are variations in results.


Cheerios is One of the common breakfasts in the US, which is available in different flavors from honey, plain, chocolate, honey nut, apple cinnamon, frosted, multi-grain,  ancient grain, etc.  It is not boring for children and or at any age more crispy. Cheerios are made from oat grains by simply cold pressing.

Cheerios For Lowering Cholesterol

Organic cheerios can give more nutritional value than others and it does not have any flavors. It could manage the metabolism and save energy for a longer period. Cheerios are beneficial to lower your cholesterol level and control fat. It can be added for those who like to try multiple types of breakfast in the morning.


Unlike cheerios, Oatmeal is different. Oatmeal contains no sugar. It completely helps more with weight loss and boosts cholesterol reduction. Moreover, it provides more nutrients to the body. Rather than simply pressing like cheerios, oatmeal made pressed after steaming the oat grains.

Oatmeal is plain in taste and if you want to add some flavor, you can look into healthy options like maple syrup, some fruits, or cinnamon. It is very easy and soft to eat. So, it is even good for kids and senior adults. It has more protein and is rich in antioxidants

Oatmeal For Lowering Cholesterol

The beta-glucan in oatmeal is a water-soluble fiber to decrease cholesterol and can help control excess fat from the body. It could stabilize your sugar metabolism and help you with digestion.

And also oatmeal is rich in Vitamin C, which is beneficial for the skin too. This is only having less amount of fat so it is beneficial for those who need to reduce the fat content in the body.

Benefits Of Oatmeal  

 🥣 Free from sugar and added flavors

 🥣 Helps to reduce weight 

 🥣 Manages digestion

 🥣 Detoxification of the body

 🥣 Prevent mood swings

 🥣 Improve immunity

 🥣 Cheaper in price

 🥣 Easy availability

 🥣 Not a processed food

 🥣 Can be added to the meal of anyone

You cannot acquire all of these benefits by having instant oatmeal and it is best to have more water when you add to your diet when you consume oatmeal.


Oatmeal and cheerios, both have advantages for our health. But, oatmeal is better than cheerios for many reasons. Cheerios are comparatively less in nutrients. Apart from the taste, it cannot provide more fiber.

Also, it contains sugar that is harmful to the body such as increased fat and cholesterol of the body. At the same time, oatmeal is free from those sugar and other vitamins like Vitamin C are available

If you have any insulin resistance or diabetes, taking cheerios can be a bad idea daily. Even if the cheerios could feel tastier and crunchy, oatmeal is softer and can be used for those who are sick or those who are on diets.

Oatmeal can energize you more than cheerios and also can be the best and healthier option. Please don’t opt for instant oatmeal and flavored and processed cheerios.

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