Cholesterol In Chicken Breast

How Much Cholesterol Is In Chicken Breast? Let’s Find Out The Facts!

Whenever you consume any piece of food you must always envision how it is cooked to ensure it is not harmful to your health. The way food is cooked and processed will determine the impact it has on your body. 

Cholesterol has been ruling the world for the past 2 decades. Everyone who has crossed their 40s is more prone to a high level of cholesterol. More than 73.5% of Americans have increased cholesterol levels and less than 28% have it under control. One of the major reasons behind this rapid increase in cholesterol levels is unhealthy food practices and a lack of a healthy workout regimen. 

Hence it is vital to choose food that is delicious yet doesn’t pose any threat to your health. One such delicious food is chicken. If you know how to properly choose and cook chicken, you can enjoy a delicious meal without worrying about your cholesterol levels ever again. 

Your body is naturally capable of producing the required level of cholesterol to ensure effective functioning but when you consume fatty food and oil-rich food frequently you are more prone to increase your cholesterol levels and detriment your health.

Cholesterol Level In Chicken Breast

Cholesterol is on the verge of rising when your consumption of animal products increases. Of all the animal products, chicken has the lowest levels of cholesterol and when compared to other fatty meals like bacon chicken can be prepared with ease. To ensure your chicken doesn’t absorb too many cholesterol-inducing ingredients you have to cut and process them appropriately. 

Cholesterol Level In Chicken Breast

The cholesterol levels of your chicken depend entirely on the pieces you choose and depending on cooking it with skin and without skin as the cholesterol levels for both modes of cooking vary entirely. Based on this the level of saturated fat in your chicken will vary.

You can choose any part of a chicken for your cooking, including chicken breasts, thighs, wings, drumsticks, etc. 

Of all these parts of a chicken, the chicken breasts have the least amount of cholesterol approximating 87 mg. While the legs, thighs, and wings of a chicken have almost double the cholesterol levels as compared to the chicken breasts approximation to almost 145mg.

It is safe to consume breasts if you are frequently consuming animal products.  The saturated fat content and cholesterol levels in these chicken breasts are considerably low due to the lack of white meat cuts in them.

The cholesterol levels of a chicken breast will vary depending on the preparation method. You can cook chicken breast in multiple ways which determine further the cholesterol levels and their impact on your health.

If you stew the chicken breast, especially without its skin, you can experience your food with the lowest levels of cholesterol, approximately 75.3mg.  If you are preparing a roasted chicken breast the cholesterol content will be slightly high approximating 86.7 mg.

Some other common mode of cooking chicken breast is frying them with a batter or four. If you are frying with a batter it will contain cholesterol of around 85.2 mg. Frying a chicken breast with a batter has the highest proportion of cholesterol as it is rich in rated fat content approximating 9mg

Preparation Form Of Chicken Breast

In addition to the above, if you are preparing the chicken breast in a gravy form, the cholesterol levels will increase accordingly as the fat content will also elevate in the preparation of the same.

Preparation Form Of Chicken Breast

If you are mindful of the proportion of cholesterol in your chicken breast, always ensure to remove the skin before proceeding to cook the same as the skin will further up your fat content and inconvenience your health.

Another important factor that determines your cholesterol levels is the proportion you use for your cooking process.  For instance, if you have a large chicken breast at hand it is advisable only to consume 2-3 ounces of the same which will continue only 42-44% of the total chicken breast instead of cooking it in its entirety and consuming the same as a whole. The greater proportion of your chicken breasts are cooked, the higher will be your cholesterol levels, and hence it is vital to be mindful of the proportion.

Mindful eating is always beneficial for lowering your cholesterol levels, especially when you are consuming animal products.

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