High Cholesterol Signs on your skin

High Cholesterol Signs And Impacts On Skin – A Complete Guide!

High cholesterol is a common condition, in this situation, too much cholesterol circulates in our blood. Cholesterol is a fat-like substance that can develop into plaques in your arteries and it can narrow your arteries as well as compress blood flow to and from your heart.

It may be responsible for heart attack, heart-related disease, or stroke. This can also make arteries less flexible and this condition is called atherosclerosis.

Do Not Ignore These High Cholesterol Symptoms On Your Skin

If you regularly check your blood lipid levels, it means you are aware of your health. But many of us either are not at all asked by the physician to test our cholesterol profile or it never occurs to us that can create problems for us.

When a huge amount of cholesterol circulates in your bloodstream then it may be harmful because it can accumulate in fatty deposits under the skin.

Symptoms On Your Skin

This can produce a rash of yellowish or orangish bumps on the skin filled with fat as well as can cause waxy growths on the skin. If you are facing these kinds of situations then it means that your body is trying to tell you that you have harmful levels of cholesterol.

High Cholesterol can also block tiny blood vessels which are also known as capillaries that supply oxygen to the skin and due to this your Skeen color may be changed. It may be responsible for skin conditions like psoriasis.

Why High Cholesterol Could be Damaging Your Skin’s Health?

High cholesterol can occasionally lead to another serious situation called cholesterol embolism. That’s when a crystal of cholesterol plaque blocks a vein or artery as well as breaks off it.

This can cause skin ulcers or other issues. The initial step to addressing high cholesterol-related skin difficulties is recognizing the condition. After then you will be able to treat the underlying causes, also containing to manage your cholesterol level as well as triglyceride levels.

Symptoms Of High Cholesterol Level On The Skin

There are some common symptoms of high cholesterol are given below



A recent study has established a relationship between psoriasis and high cholesterol levels. This is called hyperlipidemia.



In this situation, you can see the yellowish-orange waxy growth around the corner of the eyes. This generally happens because of deposits of cholesterol under the skin.



It is quite similar to Xanthelasma but this expansion can occur on the back of the lower leg, as well as the palms. If you can control the cholesterol then you can get rid of these patches.

The Blue Or Purple Patterns On The Skin

The Blue Or Purple Patterns On The Skin

It generally happens in chilly weather conditions. It can be a signal of cholesterol embolization syndrome which indicates the blockage in your arteries.

Variation Can Occur In The Color Of Skin And Elevated Dryness

Variation Can Occur In The Color Of Skin

This happens due to high cholesterol levels which can reduce the blood flow under your skin and due to this the skin cells do not get a sufficient amount of nutrition and resulting in changes in skin color. If you are standing for a long period then the legs can turn purple if your legs are uplifted then the skin color may become pale.

Ulcers In Legs That Do Not Heal Speedily

Ulcers In Legs

The ulcers can be recurring in people who have high cholesterol levels. This occurs because they do not acquire sufficient blood supply to heal.

Livedo Reticularis

Livedo Reticularis

It is a kind of bluish-red mottling of the skin in a netlike form. It generally occurs on the feet, thighs, buttocks, toes, lower legs, or other extremities. Including cholesterol embolism, numerous things can cause a pattern on the skin.

Consult the doctor if parts of your skin turn very dark blue to black. There may be a blockage that requires critical medical attention. Taking good care of your health will keep maintaining your cholesterol levels in check as well as also support to prevention of skin issues.

Tips For You To Control The Cholesterol Level In The Body

  • Habitual exercise is one of the best ways to control your cholesterol level.
  • Smoking can also increase the cholesterol level so try to avoid the smoking
  • You should eat healthy food which maintains a healthy weight which is very beneficial for the cholesterol level in the body.

So, stay cautious about your health and stay healthy by acknowledging the information provided above and doing time-to-time research about the latest news on overall health.

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