The Best Cholesterol Conditioning Hair Treatment
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The Best Cholesterol Conditioning Hair Treatment In 2023 – Are They Safe?

Professionals use cholesterol hair treatments for decades now. Though it has been found in the ethnic hair care section, it can be used by many individuals without being scared of the accumulation of greasy residue.

It is one of the cheap ways to take care of your hair. The petroleum-like structure becomes activated once it comes in contact with heat, so it is easy to remove with warm water. So, let’s see different kinds of hair treatments that can be done to achieve beautiful hair.

Types Of Cholesterol Conditioning Hair Treatment

The Best Cholesterol Conditioning Hair Treatment

It uses ingredients rich in fats or lipids, giving moisture to your hair follicle and repairing damaged hair. Many Americans and Africans have used this treatment for giving definitions to their hair to reinstate hair smoothness, and after continuous use, it moisturizes the hair length.

There are various Cholesterol hair treatments available online, or one can make it at home.

Cholesterol Hot Hair Oil Treatment

Cholesterol Hair Treatment

In this treatment, the oil is applied to the hair after shampooing. A shower cap is then placed over the head to get the hair to absorb the fats, followed by a conditioner. This is done to restore the hair’s natural moisture content and has been found useful in many cases.

If you use chemicals and blow-dry your hair frequently, this is a guaranteed method to restore your healthy hair. It rejuvenates the shine and smoothness of the hair with just 4-5 washes. Hence one should try this out to repair damaged hair tissues.

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Homemade Cholesterol Hair Treatment

Cholesterol Hair Treatment

This is one of the traditional and authentic ways of the Cholesterol Hair Treatment method. You can use mayonnaise, homemade oils, or egg; any of these will show excellent results on your hair.

This treatment has an incredible effect on curly hair; it makes the hair voluminous and silky. If you don’t like the egg’s smell, you can switch it with mayonnaise; both show the same result with a pleasant fragrance.

Cholesterol Deep Conditioning Treatment

Cholesterol Hair Treatment

This is the most commonly used technique by experts. The components are applied to the hair and then cover with a plastic shower cap for 15 minutes. Then the head is wrapped with a hooded dryer or a warm towel.

Severely damaged hair should be treated with a conditioner that should also be left for an hour or so to let the hair condition. You can add some olive oil to it to get faster results, which makes your hair silkier, smoother, and shinier.

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What Cholesterol conditioner works for your hair?

The shampoos you use have many chemicals in them, which damage the hair very severely, leaving it dehydrated and prone to breaking frequently. Cholesterols help to lock the moisture content in the hair rejuvenating its shine and smoothness. It replenishes the hair giving it some strength and moisture.

Many people are using it as a conditioner for many years and have seen changing their hair into shinier, smoother, and softer ones. Curly hair provides more volume and definition to the curls.

The Hair Types Suitable for Cholesterol Conditioner

Cholesterol Hair Treatment

Cholesterol hair treatment is basically for those hair types who have been exposed to the hot sun for a longer time or have been using coloring, many relaxing treatments, or the use of perms, hot styling tools, etc.

It acts as a pillar for achieving excellent and healthy hair growth. It won’t be beneficial when applied to healthy hair as it makes it heavy and leaves it looking too weighed down or bulky.

How Frequently Should You Do this Treatment for Your Hair?

The frequency of this treatment depends on the condition of your hair. If it is normal, then two weeks per month would be sufficient, and if your hair is being treated chemically, it needs weekly treatment. However, severely damaged hair needs daily treatment to increase manageability and strength.

Just remember one thing; this treatment is for dry, brittle, and damaged hair that has been exposed to sunlight, heat applications, and chemicals. If your hairs are in excellent condition, then you should not be using this treatment.

Protein Treatment vs. Cholesterol Treatment

Cholesterol Hair Treatment

Just as you treat your oily skin differently from dry skin, similarly different kinds of hair need other medicines for healthy growth.

There are two main ingredients needed to achieve this:  Protein and moisture.

So lets us elaborate a bit on these two different types of treatment.

  • Protein Treatment

Protein has been the main ingredient for growth in our body; the same science applies to our hair as well, where the primary source of protein is keratin. Keratin makes your hair grow stronger, longer, and healthier.

An acute deficiency of protein in your hair leads to severe hair loss and damage to the hair cells. Protein Hair Treatment can be a life savior in this type of hair, it refills the protein back into your hair, but it doesn’t provide moisture to your hair.

If your hair is already stronger, then this treatment can damage your hair follicle by making it hard and brittle and hence prone to breaking it.

  • Cholesterol Treatment

It is a moisturizing treatment that nourishes your hair, rehydrates, and softens it. But too much application is always harmful as it weakens the hair and makes it too soft to style. The core purpose is to lock moisture contained, and hence after the desired result gets achieved, you should reduce the frequency of application of this hair treatment.

Ladies, you should use these treatments depending on your hair requirement. Damaged hairs need more frequent treatment, while normal hair needs less frequent treatment. But you should keep in mind that this does not mean you should consume more cholesterol in your diet; this is only for external use.

By taking these high-cholesterol foods, you’re risking your health for many diseases. So, you should avoid this high cholesterol intake in your diet, hence preventing yourself from coronary and severe heart diseases.

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