Is Apple Good For Lowering Cholesterol- Here's Why!
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Is Apple Good For Lowering Cholesterol?- Here’s Why!

Have you heard the one common quote in your life that how an apple a day will keep the doc away? How true is this statement? Only the intelligent one knows. Indeed a true call, the apple is magic fruit.

Some may like it or some may not like the apple – but according to the latest studies, apples can actually work wonders on your health- especially heart health! Yes, you heard that right!

Apple A Miracle Fruit

Apple is a miracle fruit that not only keeps overall health at bay but also works on heart health. Now, who is your heart’s enemy? It is none other than cholesterol. An increase in that causes so many heart-related issues!

The magic fruits have the magic ingredients namely- polyphenols and fiber. As a fitness freak, you may know that both of them help to lower cholesterol. It improves cholesterol and also has other impactful ingredients. It makes you feel less hungry, and the fiber in the apples helps your digestive tract be at ease. 

Apple A Miracle Fruit

Certain types of cancers can also be coped with the help of apples and their magical ingredients. You may consume an apple along with other healthy components like pectin, phytosterols, polyphenols, soluble fibers, and combinations of all! These magical ingredients worked on rats and are now also getting tried on humans.

Although it does not mean you can consume a big fat burger, eat an apple, and expect miracles. The key to a healthy body is ratio, balance, and movement. You cannot expect magic, right? It takes a lot of effort that one has to put to lower their cholesterol and be healthy again. We recommend a child eat one apple a day from the start. This way you promote a healthy culture!

The research was conducted to conclude that yes, Apple is a magic fruit. It does lower Cholesterol, thanks to its soluble fiber, pectin, phytosterols, polyphenols, and more! It did decrease the same by around 10% and imagine if you made a habit around it.

Your heart will be forever healthy (of course with workout and other dietary measures as well). It works on the HDL that is 80% responsible for heart attacks and related situations. A bad HDL level can have impacts on the healthy person and lead to severe conditions like heart attacks.

Apples Aid In Cholesterol Reduction

If you have bad cholesterol and want to control it, just eat 2-3 apples a day. Along with this habit make sure to-

  1. Have a good fitness regime – that includes activities like jogging, walking, swimming, and gym. People may choose their choice of activity that makes them happy. The idea is to make the heart work in a healthy manner and not just make it lazy.
  2. Make sure to watch out for the diet – include other fiber-rich fruits and vegetables. Do not go for oily foods, we understand apple is a magic fruit but that doesn’t mean you’ll go easy on diet. 
  3. Always make sure to count your calories– being a cholesterol person you may or may not have weight issues. It’s important to watch out for weight as well. Do not overburden your heart arteries with heavy foods or even light foods. Only eat as needed. 

With a regular regime and apple consumption, you can decrease your cholesterol between 5-13%.  LDL cholesterol levels were also lowered with the help of magic fruits. It was working around 7% whereas the HDL levels were up by 12%. It was a healthy edge given just 3 Medium sized apples. Thanks to pectin and polyphenols that played the savior in this case. 

It was also revealed that with the help of polyphenols present in the apples, we were able to stop the oxidation of LDL. This oxidation is a contributing factor to increasing the risk of atherosclerosis. So the medium-sized apples did really work their miracle out on people and stopped them from getting serious diseases and whatnot! 

Final Words

Those who consume 2-3 apples per day noticed a slight improvement. Do not overeat, this won’t stop anything that 3 apples can’t! Do not go for an Apple diet that includes eating apples only, the whole day!

The idea is to eat healthily and count calories. This also includes having all the essential nutrients in a day!

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