Can Cheerios Reduce Your Cholesterolf

Can Cheerios Reduce Your Cholesterol? Know The Facts!

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that can sometimes develop in blood vessels as well as cause them to narrow. This can be responsible for heart attack or stroke. Cholesterol is a sort of fat inside the body’s blood.

Some Cholesterol is usual and even essential in the body like HDL Cholesterol, but too much-Trusted a supply of a type known as LDL cholesterol can cause problems.

Cheerios – Cholesterol Lowering Food!

High levels of low-density lipoproteins (LDL) cholesterol can cause heart disease. LDL is also known as bad cholesterol which is not suitable for health. Certain foods can overcome a person’s cholesterol levels.

 Cholesterol Lowering Food

There is some proof to suggest that Cheerios, a famous breakfast cereal, is suitable for cholesterol it can decrease the LDL Cholesterol in the body.

Cheerios contain whole-grain oats, which include a kind of soluble dietary fiber known as beta-glucan. This can support maintaining LDL cholesterol levels in the body.

The National Institutes of Health suggests that 10 to 25 grams of soluble fiber should consume daily to overcome bad LDL cholesterol levels in the body.

How Was It Verified That Cheerios Lowers Cholesterol Level?

The theory was founded by General Mills the study was published in 1998 and was conducted by the University of Minnesota Heart Disease Prevention Clinic.

The research differentiates the effects of eating whole grain oat cereal known as Cheerios — on high-cholesterol study candidates between the age of 40 years and 70 years in evaluation with a control group composed of the same adult people that were fed commercial corn flakes.

It was determined as a conclusion of research that the group of people who consumed oat cereal experienced lowered total cholesterol levels by 3.8% and reduced LDL-cholesterol levels by 4.2% in comparison to the control group.

 Cheerios Lowers Cholesterol Level 

The debate segment of the study noted, “The lipid-lowering result of this prepared cereal is related to studies using hot oatmeal and oat bran, and an earlier study evaluating the outcome of a whole grain oat ready-to-eat cereal.”

According to a 2019 article, it was pointed up that consuming oat products can overcome cholesterol levels because Oats include a soluble fiber called beta-glucan.

The authors observe that beta-glucan can support overcoming cholesterol by promoting the metabolism of cholesterol as well as eradicating it from the body via a person’s feces.

Additionally, it can also support the maintenance of the gut microbiota. This can boost bile acid metabolism as well as create short-chain fatty acids that also work to get better cholesterol levels.

How Many Servings Of Cheerios Are Needed?

2019 research indicates that taking 3 gm Trusted Source of beta-glucan every day as part of a balanced diet can support reducing cholesterol.

Another 2014 meta-analysis study establish that 3 g or more trusted Sources of beta-glucan can overcome LDL and total cholesterol without disturbing HDL cholesterol levels.

The Cheerios manufacturer recommends that a 1.5 cup serving (39 g) of Original Cheerios includes 1 g of soluble fiber and at least three bowls daily of regular Cheerios (or 4 bowls of Honey Nut Cheerios) are required to get these cholesterol-lowering results. (One cup is equivalent to one serving, according to the Cheerios website.) That is a LOT of Cheerios.

People should also validate they eat Cheerios as part of a healthy and well-balanced diet. There are numerous different varieties of Cheerios; each one contains different ingredients, so individuals need to read the packaging. Most varieties of cheerios contain generally whole grain oats, and some may also contain other grains. Some flavors of Cheerios may include added sugar as well as may not be suitable for people who want to control their sugar consumption.

“If you want to consume Cheerios to overcome your cholesterol so you have to do it regularly, add exercise as well as keep an overall healthy diet-then eating Cheerios may be beneficial and might drop your cholesterol levels it is said by Daniel Edmundowicz, M.D., director of preventive cardiology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Cardiovascular Institute.

Final Words

Cheerios can reduce cholesterol for those who can eat 3-4 bowls regularly as part of a reduced-calorie, low-fat diet and it will be more beneficial for you if you will also add exercise to your daily routine with cheerios.

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