Are Oysters Good For Lowering Cholesterol

Are Oysters Good For Lowering Cholesterol? Effects Of Consumption!

Oyster is an ocean food that is a pleasant bite of pure ocean taste or a slimy salty blob. There are numerous opinions on this polarizing seafood. Fans praise oysters because it is distinctive, chewy, as well as fresh-flavored.

Oysters Reduce Your Cholesterol Levels! Is There Any Risk?

Oysters are one of the best foods that can reduce cholesterol levels. Red meat contains four times more cholesterol than oysters and the cholesterol in processed foods including saturated fats as well as hydrogenated oils can boost cholesterol levels much more than the cholesterol in foods like poultry, meat, eggs, and entire dairy products.

Oysters Reduce Your Cholesterol Levels

The suggested cholesterol amount should be less than 300 mg. If you consume 100 g of it then you’re getting only 50 mg of cholesterol.

Oyster creation has died down noticeably in the past century, partially to habitat destruction and a drop in demand. However, they remain famous for seafood enjoyed by connoisseurs worldwide.

The best method to cook oysters is to boil them in salt water, but be careful about the quantity of added salt too.

The other best fact in meals build up with oysters is to consume a huge amount of vitamins, particularly vitamins of group B, C, and E, which are included as antioxidants.

Do You Eat Oysters? Then Pay Attention To This!!

The oysters can clean up your organism from bad ions as well as molecules, which can be harmful to your health. If you want to save the number of vitamins in oysters then you have to cook them in a particular way.

The special recipe of oysters you can find below will support you to prepare properly for this meal, which is low in cholesterol as well as contains all the vitamins.

First of all, you must clean the oysters and create some lemon juice from freshly squeezed lemons. Then, you have to boil them for at least one hour on a light fire this will be helpful to kill all of the eventual bacteria in the oysters.

While the oysters are boiling at that time you can arrange some sauce, for example, tomato sauce which is made of tomato juice, boiled at a slight fire for 30 minutes with a little bit of vegetable oil as well as some onion if you like.

You can also add some other ingredients for your favorite flavor. Now you can enjoy your meal and eat this healthy oyster.

Some Health Risks Linked With Oysters

However, oysters are the best source of various nutrients but, it is not completely risk-free. One serious concern linked with it is food poisoning.

Since oysters are the most commonly consumed food, they are particularly susceptible to passing on bacterial impurity. The bacteria found in oysters are known as Vibrio vulnificus and it is associated with serious illnesses – even fatalities.

Unluckily, there’s no simple way to tell if the oysters on your plate have been infected. Serious symptoms normally appear within 24 to 48 hours after utilization and may include chills, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrheal issues, as well as shock.

The major risk from bacterial contamination is issues of cancer, diabetes, and liver disease. Anyone, containing those without these diseases, should consult their doctor immediately if they feel symptoms of food poisoning after consuming raw oysters.

Health Advantages Of Oysters

Oysters contain low-calorie as well as a high quantity of micronutrients which makes them healthy food for many people. Many of the precise health paybacks of oysters are tied to their abundant array of micronutrients.

Brain Health

The oyster contains an impressive amount of vitamin B12 which can support keeping your brain healthy.

A lack of vitamin B12 has been linked with dementia, containing Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin B12 deficiency has also been associated with mental health symptoms including suicidal thoughts as well as depression. 


This is a rich source of Copper, Vitamin D, Zinc, as well as Manganese. These micronutrients, in blend with calcium, are thought to be key to slowing or even stopping bone loss in older women due to Osteoporosis. In addition, dietary sources of these minerals are thought to be more helpful than supplements.

Preventing Selenium Deficiency

Oysters are a rich source of selenium. Selenium is a mineral that is essential for boys in very small quantities to function properly. If you consumed at too large a level, selenium is toxic, however, a deficiency has been associated with infertility, cardiovascular disease, as well as cognitive decline.

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