Cholesterol Levels In Chicken Vs Beef
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Cholesterol Levels In Chicken Vs Beef! Everything We Know So Far!

Meat is consumed by everyone irrespective of the country of residence. Some people consume any form of meat regularly. Around 1mg of meat is normally consumed by an average American daily.

Meat has become a cultural food and is consumed by a greater proportion of people all over the world. Meat is enriched with Vitamins and Minerals including Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Iron, and Zinc, and is rich in protein content which makes it a suitable choice of food. 

The only problem associated with meat consumption is that it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in the long run as they are rich in fatty acids in addition to all the nutrients. Hence it is vital to consume meat in a proper way to ensure it is not detrimental to your health. 

Most Commonly Consumed Meat And Its Vitamin Content

The two most commonly consumed meat is Beef and Chicken. Beef has a higher proportion of fat and increases your calorie consumption significantly while is rich in proteins as compared to fatty substances.

Although the level of carbs in both chicken and bis is considerably lower, the presence of a high level of cholesterol in both meat makes up for the carbs. 

The vitamin content of chicken is much higher as compared to the vitamin of beef and beef is usually rich in many minerals. The sodium content is significantly lower in beef as compared to chicken and when exploring the health benefits of both chicken and beef it is safe to conclude both forms of meat are detrimental to your health in the long run if they are not cooked appropriately. 

 Commonly Consumed Meat

Both beef and chicken negatively impact your cardiovascular health and increase your diabetes level hence it is necessary to consume them only at intermittent levels and not as a part of your day-to-day meal.

Comparison Of Beef And Chicken

When comparing beef and chicken it is vital to note that different parts of both chicken and beef are used for cooking and each part has its pros and cons and cholesterol levels. Since these are animal products you can use many parts of them to cook food of your choice.

For instance, when you think of chicken you can cook chicken breast, chicken drumsticks, chicken legs and thighs, and so on and when you think of beef you can cook the beef shoulders popularly known as the chuck, the brisket, and the shanks which are the breast region and you could also cook the flake and the hip region called sirloin.

The preparation methods and the level of cholesterol and other nutrients are different in every part of chicken and beef. If you are looking for low-fat meat, chicken is your best option, especially chicken breast as it is high in protein and low in fatty acids and cholesterol levels.

Chicken breasts

Chicken breasts are the healthier choice of meat as compared to other varieties of chicken and beef. The cholesterol levels in a chicken breast are as low as 79.8mg which makes it the ideal choice of meat.

Beef on the other hand is high in salt, cholesterol, and fatty substances. Hence you need to moderate your consumption of beef to have perfect health. 


If not consumed moderately, beef could increase your diabetes level in addition to accelerating your cholesterol and could even make you susceptible to cancer. It is advisable to avoid eating red meat on a daily basis to prolong your life. Any form of self-city red and white accelerates your LDL cholesterol and increases the risk of heart disease.

Several studies were conducted to examine the results of consuming white meat and red meat and a detailed study was conducted by taking a population of around 120 people, both men and women combined. The population took people from different age groups ranging between 25-70 to examine the results of cholesterol levels in all the age groups when different varieties of beef were consumed.

It was observed at the end of the study that all forms of beef had a higher cholesterol level and to worsen the case further many people reported an increase in their diabetes level when they consume beef regularly.

On average the cholesterol levels in beef are as high as 94.6mg and this is detrimental to your cardiovascular system as a whole when consumed at regular intervals. 

Final Words

Hence if you are looking to consume meat for its protein content it is highly advisable to choose plant-based protein alternatives instead of meat as there will not be any adverse effects on your health when you consume plant-based protein substances.

On the other hand, if you consume meat for its delicious nature and taste, try opting to substitute chicken breasts in the place of other meats including beef and other parts of chicken as the chicken breast gives you the required levels of protein, tastes good and is low in calorie and fat content. It is okay to consume beef once in a while but not on an everyday basis.

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