Cholesterol Level Jumps Up High Causes,Signs
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Why Cholesterol Level Jumps Up High On A Sudden? Causes,Signs!

Cholesterol is a substance that is made primarily by the liver. Cholesterol is necessary for normal body functions. You need it for your brain to work properly. Also, cholesterol is necessary for certain hormones to be made and to digest food, so your body is designed and equipped to make just the right amount of cholesterol. But the excessive buildup of cholesterol in your body is harmful to you. When your cholesterol level jumps up high suddenly, it is usually a sign that you should keep your daily lifestyle in check.

Good Vs. Bad Cholesterol: Cholesterol Is Not All Bad For You

Not all kinds of cholesterol are bad for your health. There is high-density lipoprotein (HDL) that improves your health. You want the HDL level to be elevated. It is anti-estrogenic, which means that it is designed to help prevent the buildup of plaque in the arteries around your heart.

Cholesterol Level Jumps Up High On A Sudden Causes,Signs

HDL also tries to prevent platelets from sticking together. On the other hand, you have LDL which is low-density lipoprotein and you would like that to be present in your blood as low as possible. It does the exact opposite of HDL, it increases your risk of those platelets sticking together and damaging the walls of the arteries.

Why It Is High :

There are a lot of different reasons why your cholesterol may be elevated within a short period of time.

?Unhealthy diet

When your cholesterol level spikes suddenly, where you usually run into trouble is with your diet. We are constantly adding more cholesterol to our diet. Even if we do not eat any cholesterol, our bodies would still function normally. A diet high in saturated or trans fat will definitely raise your cholesterol. Fruit juices and whole grains may help in these cases.


There are some conditions where patients may not control the receptors to handle cholesterol, therefore their cholesterol will be high. Their bodies usually make too much cholesterol, so no matter what they do with their diet and with their exercise, they are still going to have high cholesterol. A lot of times these patients are advised to take certain medications and eat restrictively. 


Excessive usage of drugs, may it be nicotine or alcohol, can affect your cholesterol level. Drugs are mostly inflammatory, and some of them are notorious for building fat in your arteries. Stop smoking or consuming alcohol until or unless your physician advises otherwise.

?Less to no exercises

When you stop moving your body, the levels of LDL, as well as triglycerides, increase in blood over time. This process becomes faster as days go by, i.e, the more obese you become. Triglycerides are fat in your blood that works kind of like LDL. The increased amounts of triglycerides also increase your risk of blockages in the arteries around the heart. 

A Nutshell :

If you see that your cholesterol level is increasing at a rapid rate, you should go to your doctor and get a breakdown of exactly what’s going on. The good news about high cholesterol is that there are a lot of options nowadays to get you to go either with dietary and lifestyle modifications or a number of different medications as well.

No matter what the cause is, the goal should always be to lead a healthy life. Do not do something that makes you tired for a long time or causes injury. Resort to natural, herbal medications so that there is no side effect in your healing process. Sometimes irregularities in sleeping can be problematic as well, keep that in mind. 

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