Cholesterol Embolism - Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment!
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Cholesterol Embolism – Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment!

Cholesterol embolism is known as atheroembolism or cholesterol embolization syndrome. It occurs when a single crystal of cholesterol chain breaks off from plaque and starts depositing inside your arteries. This condition is known as cholesterol embolism.

Can High Cholesterol Cause An Embolism?

The crystals of cholesterols can travel through your veins, arteries, and capillaries easily and can block circulation leading to inflammation.

The degree of damage by the disease and symptoms may vary from person to person. It can lead to several life-threatening conditions such as stroke, heart attack, and failure of the heart. 

what is Cholesterol Embolism - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The blockage and damage due to the cholesterol embolism can affect many organs. The brain,  Skin, Gastrointestinal system, and kidney are some of the most commonly affected organs.

How is cholesterol embolism treated?

Medical science cannot find a specific treatment routine for cholesterol embolism. Doctors are treating this condition by managing problems such as high cholesterol levels, lowering the risks of several symptoms, and preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular disease. 

If you are suffering from cholesterol embolisms the medical professionals will ask you to follow some of the tips mentioned below for better health and treatment results:

?Start eating a balanced diet

?Lower the stress levels

?Control your weight

?Start exercising regularly 

?Quit smoking

?Doctors have started treating this problem by prescribing several medications such as vasodilators.

Renal replacement therapy is another popular option for treatment. These therapies include:

?Kidney transplant 




?Surgery and interventions are also opted for by medical professionals.

What causes cholesterol crystal embolism?

Endovascular procedures are one of the major causes of cholesterol embolism. The endovascular procedure includes insertion in the blood vessels. It is used in cases such as:

? Insertion of the cardiac catheter. It is mainly used in angioplasty, imaging, and other related procedures.

? Carotid endarterectomy

? Stent placement 

? Heart valve replacement 

Other causes that can lead to cholesterol embolism are mentioned below:

? Smoking

? Excessive usage of anticoagulation medication 

? If you are having thrombolytic therapy then chances increase.

? Systemic inflammation

Abnormal aortic aneurysm 

? Kidney failure 

Peripheral vascular disease

? Diabetes 

? High cholesterol

? High blood pressure

? Ageing process

? More common in males 

You should always have the required formation about the causes of any diseases before reading or researching about it further. Additionally, in case of an emergency, you may contact medical professionals for better treatment procedures.

Can high cholesterol cause an embolism?

High cholesterol is one of the major reasons for causing cardiovascular diseases. An increase in Cholesterol levels can cause strokes, heart attacks, and heart failure. It is one of the most common risk factors for causing atherosclerosis, thrombosis, and blood clots. High levels of cholesterol can cause embolism and serious conditions connected to it.

In this case, the levels of cholesterol can cause plaque. It is a combination of cholesterol, fats, and other cells in the body. They can narrow the arteries and other blood vessels leading to a blockage in the blood supply to the heart. 

One of the major questions that many of us have in our minds is how we can prevent risks such as blood clots, heart attacks, heart failure, atherosclerosis, and arteriosclerosis. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Try to control the factors that can cause obesity 
  • Quit smoking 
  • Control your diabetic levels
  • Control your hypertension levels. Generally, more attention is required for high blood pressure.

These tips are easy to follow if you start practicing them daily. Protect your heart so that you can protect your life and energies. Start today at this particular moment to achieve a successful and healthy life.

What Are the Major Symptoms Of Cholesterol Embolism?

You can start the prevention process by identifying the symptoms of cholesterol embolism. Early identification will help you to contact appropriate doctors and health professionals. Some of the major symptoms are mentioned below:

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?Bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract 

?Pain in the gastrointestinal tract

?Abdominal or back pain

?Symptoms of a stroke

?Mental confusion 


?Sudden blindness

?Spots around the nails

?Discolouration of skin

?Pain n toes or foot

?Skin ulceration 

?Blue or purple toes

?Symptoms of kidney failure 

How do you prevent cholesterol embolism?

The prevention of any disease is easy if you start taking care of yourself from the start or diagnosis. To prevent conditions such as cholesterol embolism you can follow some of the tips mentioned below:

Eat a balanced diet 

A diet containing an appropriate amount of vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, water, roughage, and other essential nutrients is required for maintaining a healthy heart. So you can start eating a balanced diet.

Eat a balanced diet  for preventing Cholesterol Embolism

Quit smoking 

Heavy smoking can stimulate many concerning conditions in the body. So if you are suffering from high cholesterol levels it is recommended by most medical and health professionals to quit smoking.

Quit smoking helps to prevent Cholesterol Embolism

Lose weight

Excessive layers of fat on the body can stimulate the formation of plaque leading to the narrowing of arteries. You must lose weight and try to eliminate all the factors that can contribute to obesity. Additionally, it should be noted that to maintain healthy cholesterol levels you should stress on maintaining a healthy weight.

Lose weight helps to preventing Cholesterol Embolism

Lowering the stress levels

An excessive level of stress can stimulate cholesterol levels. So it is advised that you must eliminate all the factors that can contribute to excessive stress levels. Excessive stress can also cause an increase in blood pressure, heart attacks, and stroke which are life-threatening or can lead to chronic conditions. 

Lowering the stress levels helps to prevent Cholesterol Embolism

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise can contribute to overall health. So it’s recommended to exercise regularly for proper health maintenance and it can increase the blood flow to your heart. For a healthy heart, proper blood circulation and supply is required. 

Daily Exercise helps to prevent Cholesterol Embolism

Conclusion – Cholesterol Embolism

Conditions such as cholesterol embolism can occur due to high cholesterol levels so it is recommended to control the level by natural methods. You can start by following natural methods such as diet and lifestyle control.

Medical treatments can help but your priority should be natural methods as they are safe and more effective. Additionally, you must keep a check on your overall health for conditions such as hypertension or renal disease as they can contribute to many cardiovascular conditions and diseases such as cholesterol embolism. 

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