Cheesecloth Alternatives

Cheesecloth Alternatives – Cloth For Homemade Cheeses!

Cravings are the main hobby of people. Whenever we get free time, we cook the delicious food we need most. Every craving should have an essential ingredient called cheese. The presence of cheese can be seen in almost every food.

People are experimenting with different types of cheese. We are excited to use homely products rather than buying them from markets. When it comes to cheese-making, people seem to step backward. Because we think a lack of cheesecloth may cause damage in making the cheese.

Useful Substitutes For Cheesecloth – All You Need To Know!

Making cheese at our own home is not a big deal anymore. This article gives you alternatives for cheesecloths and how they are effective. Before we dissect the alternatives, let’s look into the cheesecloth and its features.


What is Cheesecloth?

As the name suggests, cheesecloth is a woven cotton cloth mainly used for making homemade cheese. It is also beneficial for making other recipes as well.

It is used to cover roast turkey or chicken to keep the bird moist and is also made into several little bags for herbs for dressing soups, meats, and other dishes. Cheesecloth is essential in the process of cheese making.

It is a very lightweight cotton gauze fabric, transparent in appearance. It can wash, reuse and also ensure that they have been thoroughly cleaned and kept in a dry place before use. 

What makes Cheesecloth distinctive from other cloths?

Cheesecloth uses a delicate and airy feel of cotton due to its open weave. When thick cheese components pass through the cloth, they become less resistant to flow and collect the thick cheese mixture in the cloth. During the process of cheese making, the cloth is allowed to drain the whey from cheese curds. This is considered to be an important stage.

Because the cheese does not contain any kind of moisture during the process of making cheese. The presence of liquid in the cheese curds can not allow them to shape and age into the wheels of cheese.

Cheesecloth And Cotton Cloth

Cheesecloth helps to hold the cheesecloth from addition, it also helps for straining water from solid materials and is beneficial for making fresh fruit drinks, ketchup, almond milk, etc. Cheesecloth is made of natural products and it does not contain any chemical binders during production of cheesecloths. The natural product assures safety. The quality of the cloth is more advantageous to use.

If you don’t have a cheesecloth in your home, don’t worry about buying a new one. There are some best alternatives that can do the same purpose as cheesecloth. The kitchen is the best place for finding substitutes for cheesecloth. There are plenty of substitutes you can find which make it possible for the cheesemaking process.

Cheesecloth Alternatives

Cheesecloth Alternative Options

Kitchen towel

You can not find a home without a kitchen towel. So it is considered to be the first and easiest alternative for cheesecloth. Kitchen towels have an almost close resemblance to cheesecloth.

Ensure that the towel is clean and does not contain any stains or pigment. The kitchen towel is more prone to collecting moisture. That’s the only drawback with this cloth. Therefore you have to ensure whether the cheese curd is ready to transfer for the next process or not.

Fine mesh bags

As we all know fine mesh bags are mainly used for straining nut milk and whole grains. Just like that, it is used as an alternative to cheesecloth. Most of the mesh bags are made of nylon and they are available in markets in different styles like nut milk bags and laundry bags.

Fine mesh bags are a pretty choice for making cheese in your home. During the process, it helps to remove the solids from the whey by using a spoon. Press the spoon on the surface of the solid to filter the liquid from the mixture. When you use a fine mesh bag, it is easy to clean when compared to cheesecloth. It is also helpful in maintaining the shape and quality of the product also.

Paper towels

Paper towels are one of the great options for straining stews and soups. But it is not widely accepted or used because of doubts regarding its usage. The cooking Chew explains that the liquid absorbed in the process is totally based on the quality of the paper.

You will need brand-quality paper that contains multiple layers and is comparatively stronger than other sheets. You should also be aware of whether the paper towel itself will absorb the liquid or not.

Because  Less-quality paper can often cause tearing of the paper and affect the quality of cheese. One of the advantages of using paper towels is easy to access and budget-friendly products. You can find this anywhere from a supermarket, grocery stores, etc.

Fine wire Sieve

Fine wind sieves are an alternative to cheesecloth often used in the homemade cheese process. It is best in straining solid. It can be widely used in making broths and cheeses as well. The straining of small particles may find difficult.

The kitchen community explains that it doesn’t filter all the small particles as the cheesecloth does. It is totally depending on the quantity that you take for preparing the food. However, a Fine wire sieve makes it easy for making cheese at home. More than that, a fine wire sieve is an eco-friendly option that can be reusable and washable without much effort.

Muslin Fabric

If you don’t have a cheesecloth in your home, Muslin Fabric is sufficient for straining the cheese similar to a cheesecloth.  It is also a loose, cotton-like weave material that helps to absorb the whey from the solid. It prevents unwanted particles that dripping through the cloth. The color of Muslin Fabric is almost similar to cheesecloth. It is not affecting the food either. The only disadvantage of Muslin Fabric is sourcing them as it can be hard to come by. 

Straining cloths

Straining clothes are a great choice for a cheesecloth alternative. The cotton threads are maintaining some kind of similarities and that makes them useful for cheesemaking. One of the best advantages of straining cloth is that you can buy any size of this material based on your need.  

Cotton Handkerchiefs

Cotton handkerchiefs are the best alternative for cheese cotton. Unlike cheesecloth, cotton Handkerchiefs are made of linen. But just like cheesecloth, they have thinner weaves and are free of dyes and colors. They are also easy to wash and reuse again in the future. The main advantage of using a cotton handkerchief is its inexpensive price and ease to wash.


It may unfamiliar to the majority of people. But socks can be used as an alternative to cheesecloth. Keep remembering to ensure that it is cleaned before it uses. Socks are good for straining any solid material from liquid.

Tastessence explains that the socks are made of thin cotton which is helpful in filtering the solids and removing moisture from food. Compared to other substitutes, it is easy to wash and keep for future purposes. Using socks may sound different to you. But stretching the tights over a bowl can show the functioning of this substitute. Just like other substitutes, it is also eco-friendly and accessible at a cheap rate.

medical/ Sterile Gauze

medical/ Sterile Gauze is often found in a medicine box. When compared to other alternatives, the sterile gauze material is maintaining a close resemblance to cheesecloth. It is looser and thinner than cheesecloth. You can cut the gauze according to the size that you need for straining certain goods.


Pantyhose does not relate to fashion. If you have no cheesecloth at home, pantyhose can be used as an alternative method to make cheese. Just like socks, ensure the cleanliness of the pantyhose before use. It is a perfect strainer used for removing moisture from solid materials. It is also used as a spice pouch for tying some herbs. Pantyhose can be reusable after cleaning the cloth once you’re done.

Coffee filter

The coffee filter is useful in making cheese without a cheesecloth. It has a similar weave to cheesecloth. It helps to strain foods and absorb moisture. Make sure to clean it well before using the filter and ensure that it has the taste of coffee or not. Remove the coffee taste and strain the food that you need. 

Cotton fabric

Cheesecloth is a cotton-like material. Other cotton types can work well for making the cheese possible. You can find a worthy substitute already in your house. A flour sack towel or a random scrap of fabric can be used to strain solid things. Cotton fabric can wash and reuse in the future. The straining often causes the quality of the material to become stained.

The aforementioned alternatives are the best that help you in the cheesemaking process. If you don’t have a cheesecloth at your home, it’s better to find some other products that make it possible. One of the important things to consider with this substitute is the difference in cloth and weave.

Whenever you come across such alternatives, make sure that the substitute contains similar cloth to cheesecloth or not. Make sure the layer of the substitute and try to select loose weave cotton-like cloth. It’s time to cook something great for your tummy by making use of these alternatives. 

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