Which Cheese Is Good For Weight Loss
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Which Cheese Is Good For Weight Loss?

Many people think that cheese can only lead to weight gain but we are here to share those types of cheese that can help you in your weight loss journey. It is made not only from cows for buffaloes’ milk but from goats, sheep, and other animals as well. It is well known that not all types of cheese are good for health when it comes to weight loss. Three types of cheese are ideal for weight loss and they are nice options to consider.


Different Types Of Cheese:

👉 Mozzarella

This cheese is soft and was developed first in Italy. Mostly, it is made from buffalo or cow’s milk and not from any other animal’s milk. It possesses fewer calories and fat as compared to other types of cheese. It is considered to be a healthy option because it has fewer calories, a sufficient amount of protein, and contains probiotics like Lactobacillus casei and lactobacillus fermentum. It is highly beneficial for a person’s immune system and reduces cholesterol in the blood.


👉 Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is best for those who are looking for foods to get slim. It is packed with protein and gives 50 percent of the daily recommended protein intake. A cup of this cheese contains 153 calories.

Cottage cheese

👉 Goat cheese

Goat cheese is made from goat’s milk and has a tangy taste with a soft texture. 21 g of cheese has only 76.4 kcal which is low compared to other types of cheese. It also provides the stomach with essential bacteria that help in protecting the body against illness.

Goat cheese

👉 Parmesan cheese

This cheese is of great taste due to which it has become a popular choice for dieters. Parmesan cheese is rich in protein, calcium, and minerals. A teaspoon of this cheese contains 21 calories and can be added to salads and soups depending on the preference.

Parmesan cheese

👉 Swiss cheese

As the name indicates, it comes from Switzerland and is made from cow’s milk. This cheese is low in calories and covers up to 4% of the daily calorie allowance. It is low in fat and sodium as compared to other types of cheese. Also, it is a good source of protein which is important for muscle and bone health. It has a type of lactic acid bacteria that has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent diseases.

 Swiss cheese

👉 Feta cheese

The traditional feta cheese is made up of sheep or goat milk. It has fewer calories than other cheese that’s why it is good for weight loss. 28 grams of this cheese contains 75 calories. Because it is high in sodium, it is advised to have plenty of water after having it. Feta cheese is very nutritious and provides a high amount of phosphorous. This nutrient is something that is important for bones.

Feta cheese

👉 Blue cheese

This cheese is made from Penicillium mold cultures. Also, Blue cheese has a strong taste and smells with blue veins running on it. Various studies have shown that this cheese has a high amount of sodium that contributes to maintaining blood pressure and prevents heart disease. Besides this, it is also rich in calcium and provides 11% of the daily recommended amount which is important for maintaining healthy bones and their strength.

 Blue cheese


There are different types of cheeses and most of them have high nutritional value that makes them suitable for weight loss. All of the above types of cheese have high nutritional value and low calories. Most of them have a high amount of calcium that takes care of bones. It’s time to choose any of the above options of cheese and make your weight loss journey a tasty one.

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