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What Is Chester Cheese? Is This Good For Health?

From the 12th century onwards, English cheese production has been on the go featuring its unique flavor and texture. One of them, the famous classic Britain cheese type, is Chester cheese. Chester cheese is a popular British cheese that is produced in one of the well-known urban areas of English counties, Chester. This Chester cheese can also be used as a substitute for Cheshire cheese because its texture, form, and taste share high similarities.

What Does Cheshire Cheese Taste Like? All You Need To Know!

You can find Cheshire cheese in the neighboring counties of Cheshire, too, such as Flintshire, Denbighshire, Staffordshire, and Shropshire. This cheese has a big reputation as being one of the oldest English cheeses as its root is formed from Roman times. At that time, Cheshire was widely known for fine cheese production.

Chester Cheese

Cheshire cheese can be of many types as its colors vary in various forms, which are white, red, and blue. The white Cheshire cheese tastes salty, just like other types of white cheese. However, the blue Cheshire cheese has a sharp flavor, while the red Cheshire taste salty, just like the white one. The red Cheshire is usually colored with annatto which has a deep share of orange. This cheese is kept too ripe for about two to three months.

Cheshire is aged more than the Double Gloucester cheese but less than the cheddar. This cheese is rather dense and semi-hard in nature, which is why it has a crumbly texture. It has a mild salty taste in natural production. Industrial Cheshire cheese production comes in a dry and less crumbled form that resembles cheddar cheese. The industrial texture is easier to process than the traditional texture of Cheshire cheese.

The rare variety of Cheshire is aged for about three to nine months to give it a richer and fresh flavor. These cheeses are just slightly crumbled with having a silky texture. This more aged Cheshire cheese has a unique flavor than other similar family cheese. This rare variety of cheese doesn’t taste nutty-flavored like Comte or fruity-flavored like Mahon. It also doesn’t taste sharp like Cheddar. But its flavor is slightly salty in a mild condition with a rustic and tangy taste.

Cheshire cheese can have about 31g of fat per 100 grams. Simply saying, the Cheshire cheese tastes rustic, but not too strong, buttery, and a little salty.  To balance out the fat content of the Cheshire cheese, you can pair up some fruit contents like grapes, pear, and apple slices. Keep in mind to choose the right room temperature to enjoy this classic cheese tray without letting it melt away.

Is Chester’s The Same As Cheetos?

No, Chester and Cheetos are not similar in nature. But they are closely associated with each other. Chester Cheetah is a popular animated character first introduced in 1986 for a TV commercial for Cheetos. The Chester Cheetah has such swagger as its character, but it loses its cool around the Cheetos flavored with Chester cheese.


Cheetos’ first mascot, the mouse, was more accepted for not resisting the cheese. But when the Chester cheetah mascot was introduced to having a hard time resisting the cheesy orange snack, it was more adapted because of its unusual character and more passionate behavior. Hence, you can say that Chester has a close connection with Cheetos more than just being one of its popular flavors. 

What is the difference between Lancashire and Cheshire Cheese?

British might not be the place that comes to your mind when you talk about cheese, but British neighbors that can give you so many popular cheese types. Cheshire and Lancashire Cheese are one of them. Although they are both kinds of cheese, they have many differences. Lancashire cheese is named after the county in the NorthWest of England which is creamier and less crumbly in nature than Cheshire cheese.

The less-aged Lancashire cheese is creamier, but the mature Lancashire cheese is tastier in nature. While Cheshire cheese is mostly used as a snacking cheese, the creamy texture of the Lancashire cheese is used as an excellent dessert, so they are paired with crackers and beverages.

With so much delicious cheese coming from Britain, it might be quite tough for you to choose your favorite. But if you like blue cheese, go for Cheshire; however, if you like creamy and mild cheese, then Lancashire, cheddar cheese would be your best choice.

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