7 Best Fontina Cheese Substitutes-Healthier Options

7 Best Fontina Cheese Substitutes – Facts Revealed!

Looking for a perfect substitute for Fontina cheese? You may not be a fan of Fontina because of lactose intolerance, its pungent taste, or exorbitant pricing. Like you, there are many others who dislike cheese due to various reasons. In this blog, we take you through the 7 best Fontina cheese substitutes where you will be spoilt for choice.

Top 7 Fontina Cheese Substitutes

Fontina cheese Substitutes

1. Gruyere

The most popular cheese in Switzerland, Gruyere belongs to the category of hard cheeses. It is sweet, but a bit salty, with a flavor that varies depending on the age. As with Fontina, the cheese is made from aged, unpasteurized cow’s milk.

If you are planning to make baked goods, then Gruyere would be the ideal choice. The reason is that its characteristic flavor does not overwhelm the rest of the ingredients. Make sure that you grate the Gruyere cheese before cooking, as it is firmer than Fontina. Another major advantage of this cheese is that it gets more widely distributed when compared to Fontina.

2. Edam

Originally from the Netherlands, Edam is a light yellow semi-hard cheese. It has a mild flavor with a nutty taste. You would love Edam as it has low-fat content, unlike Fontina. 

If you are a diehard fan of Italian pizza, pasta, and French toast, then Edam would be the ultimate choice. It is also widely used in wines and desserts. The other major attraction that makes Edam a favorite among cheese lovers is that it is easy to store and doesn’t get spoiled easily.

3. Parmesan

Popularly known as the “king of cheeses”, Parmesan is Italian cheese. It is manufactured from cow’s milk aged a minimum of 12 months. 

You can eat Parmesan on its own, grate it as a topping over pasta dishes or stir it into soups and risottos. It is also used along with sauces, soups, and broths to add flavor to them. Make sure that you purchase whole Parmesan from the stores and refrigerate it so that the quality does not get affected. 

4. Cheddar

Cheddar cheese hails from the Cheddar village of Somerset in the United Kingdom. In the initial days, the cheese was famous only in England. However, Cheddar soon became popular in the rest of the globe and nowadays it is used worldwide. Made from cow’s milk, Cheddar is relatively hard and has a salty taste to it. Off-white in color, the cheese is yummy, sharp-tasting, and contains many healthy nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, and beneficial bacteria.

Generally, it takes 9 to 24 months of aging for Cheddar to reach that perfect taste. If you are looking for the best replacement for Fontina in pizzas and sandwiches, then with no doubt you can go for Cheddar.

5. Mozzarella

Hailing from Italy, Mozzarella is made using Italian buffalo milk. The fresh mozzarella appears white in color. However, when seasoned, the color changes to light yellow depending on the animal’s diet.

Since Mozzarella is high in moisture content, it is best recommended to serve it the same day it is made. If it is low-moisture mozzarella, you can store it in the refrigerator and use it for up to 1 month. Mozzarella is the best cheese variety you can think of if you are preparing pizza or pasta dishes. However, when it comes to flavor, Mozzarella is relatively mild and just cannot replace Fontina’s earthy scent. 

6. Provolone

Originally an Italian cheese, Provolone is manufactured in other countries as well. Yellowish in color, the cheese is slightly sweet in taste. Provola and Provoleta are some of the variants of the basic cheese available in the market. You will also get smoked versions of provolone. Provolone’s flavor is almost similar to Fontina’s tangy one.

The most preferred choice for grilled sandwiches, provolone comes with many health benefits. Rich in calcium and phosphorus, the cheese offers nutrition and calcium for adults. For children, the probiotic’s content aids in better digestion.

7. Gouda

One of the favorites of cheese lovers worldwide, Gouda belongs to the Netherlands. Sweet and creamy, it has an aging time of 1 to 36 months.

Gouda cheese has a more pronounced flavor, and it is a bit saltier than Fontina. Since the fat content is higher, the price is also on the higher side. You will love the taste of Gouda as it is more delicious and soft to eat.

Slice the cheese and have it with sandwiches for breakfast. It also goes well with dishes such as pizza and pasta as Gouda tastes similar to Fontina.


Now you might be in a dilemma about which one to pick from the 7 best Fontina cheese substitutes. It purely depends on your preferences of taste and flavor and the dishes you are preparing.

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