The Farm At Doe Run Cheese: Is It Delicious?

Are you a cheese lover? Then you should know about the farm at doe run cheese. This cheesemaking invention can be used as a  synonym for simple sustainable farming.

The most unique and delicious cheeses are produced by two talented cheesemakers, Samuel Kennedy and Matthew Hettinger. They are the two precious gems that work behind the renowned cheeses produced at doe run.

It receives national and international awards for its distinct services in the field. They produce high-quality farmstead cheeses in the heart of Chester county.

The farm was purchased by the founder of urban outfitters. It began with an interest in farming. But things changed quickly into a serious operation.

Now, the farm at doe run is producing the region’s best cheeses. The simple sustainable practices make the farm and its cheese unique from the rest. The farm at doe run collects the milk from the three milking herds owned by their dairy team. They are named Richard Hostetter, Jeff Reburn, and Corrine Crans.

Sustainable Farming Practices At Doe Run

Have you ever seen the farm at doe run? If not, just go and pay a visit to this beautiful place. If you are an outsider, just search about the Doe run. The photos are enough to describe the farming practices at Doe run.

Sustainable Farming Practices At Doe Run

They collect the by-product from daily cheese making and spread it on their fields. Spreading this whey on the field gives vital nutrients to the soil. They do not waste the whey instead they provide it to pigs. Doe-run practices organic farming and rotational grazing.

They nurture the nutritious grass by providing the best organic fertilizers. They raise a handful of pigs for consuming the whey along with the remaining cheese curds. The farm is located in the middle of the fresh mushroom country. It makes another choice of fertilizer for their nutritious grass.

The farm at Doe run maintains a close relationship with the neighboring farmers. They give their rich mushroom compost over the pastures for adding an enriched additive to the soil. 

You can say the farm is progressing year by year based on their natural way of making cheeses, using organic fertilizers in the soil, and nurturing their cows with the most nutritious grass growing on their farmland. All the farm practices are working based on organic methods.

The farm achieved sustainability in different ways. They are planting approximately 1000 trees every year on the banks of streams to help bring back the Brook Trout.

Brook trout is a freshwater fish that is beautifully colored with yellow spots over an olive-green back. It can only survive in pollution-free waterways and thrives in cooler water. The plantation of trees enriches the waterways and provides optimal filtration. It also makes a way to bring back endangered species.

The strong root structures of the trees filter out the pollution from the nearby circumstances. The shade of the trees creates a cozy atmosphere for other native species to live in. Every year, the farm at doe run plans to do activities that support the ecological system and produce the best quality products by using organic resources.

The Farm At Doe Run’s Partnership With Stroud Water Research Center

Stroud water research center is an independent organization that conducts freshwater research, environmental education, and watershed restoration. The organization handles applied research projects for public agencies and provides solutions to water resource problems throughout the world. Their motto is ‘our focus is fresh water’.

The idea forwarded by Stroud Water Research Center is great just like the farm at Doe Run. The center is located ten minutes away from the farm. The organization is internationally acknowledged for its freshwater research, watershed programs, and educational programs. They helped the local water system at Doe Run. they conducted research and programs to ensure the quality of water.

The Unique Background Of The Cheese Operation At Doe Run

Of course, cheese made at Doe Run has a significant role in making the farm internationally recognizable. The talented worker’s knowledge and experience make the cheese unique and creative. The cheesemakers come from different states and diverse backgrounds.

But they unified with their innovative ideas and made the best quality products out of it. As aforementioned, Matt Hettinger and Samuel Kennedy are the creators of the world-known cheese produced in Doe Run.

The Unique Background Of The Cheese Operation At Doe Run

Matt Hettinger joined the farm in 2012. he is a qualified cheese maker who did a degree in food science from Ohio State. The next cheese maker, Samuel Kennedy joined two years later. He is a qualified cheesemaker who has a certificate in artisan cheesemaking from Vermont university.

The creative craft of this cheese is one of the best cheeses in the united states. Now, it won international recognition. The seven sisters and St. Malachi won the Gold at the 2016 world cheese Awards.

The Farm At Doe Run Vs Local Cheesemakers

The farm at Doe run participated with other local farms and cheesemakers in the great state of Pennsylvania. The attractive feature of this farm is its three milking herds situated near the farmland.

The Farm At Doe Run Vs Local Cheesemakers

They are using the best quality milk from the milking herd for producing fresh, seasonal milk cheese. They do not add any preservatives for boosting the taste of cheeses.

They are nurturing around 350 acres of land. They are farming goats and cows along with cows and producing a wide variety of cheese according to the customer’s choice.

The cheeses vary in their age from 6 to 8 months. The farm is working to deliver the best products it can.  Doe Run is focusing on quality and creativity matter instead of profit.

They are planning to deliver a new creamery collection batch for their customers. Customers’ heart-warming feedback is the strength of this farm. 

The Factors Contributing To The Accomplishments

The unity of all people who are part of this venture is the strength of the farm’s accomplishments. The cheese evolved to a world-class level and people are eager to wait for their upcoming best jersey milk cheeses.

The hard work of cheesemakers, herdsmen, organic fertilizers, amazing animals, and beautiful land equally contribute to winning this achievement. 


The farm at Doe Run is one of the best models for sustainable farming practices. Their working method and the following practices make them different from others.

If you belong to  Pennsylvania, do visit this farm and enjoy the mind-soothing experience of farmland and its delicious cheeses. No doubt, you will addicted to Doe Run’s best cheeses.

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