The Tasty Bread Swap You'll Want To Use For Your Next Grilled Cheese

Try This Tasty Bread Swap For Your Next Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is always a great combo for sandwiches. A crunchy bread swamp and a grilled cheese work better. A snack filled with grilled cheese is always tasty. There are different types of grilled cheese available now.

Bar snack grilled cheese and fancy bistro grilled cheese are some of the iconic American foods. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture via CNBC, Americans consumed around 38 pounds of cheese per person in a year. The statistics showed the details of 2018. The following year, U.S. consumers save 2.2 billion grilled cheese sammies every year. 

Tasty Bread Swap – An Exciting Recipe In The USA

Most people are adding a variety of ingredients such as apples, pesto, and mushrooms to elevate the grilled cheese.

According to a Tasting Table Exclusive Survey, most people are preferred to use American cheese for making their sandwiches.

Tasty Bread Swap - An Exciting Recipe In USA

Daytime cafes in Brooklyn, Williamsburg are special for grilled cheese. They are serving grilled cheese with red pepper jam, gruyere, and tomatoes.

Let’s look at the delicious bread swamp you can use for your next grilled cheese.

Matt Solan who is a marketing product guy of Trader Joe’s podcast said that the ultimate grilled cheese hack is swapping out the bread for garlic naan. Garlic bread naan bread is one of the best food that can be paired with grilled cheese.

It makes the bread extra delicious. Many of the restaurants serve  Garlic naan bread as food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Garlic naan has different varieties based on its region such as Persia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. If you are interested in wrapping the grilled cheese with a tasty bread swap, the garlic flavor of the naan would pair well.

You can use pungent fontina or buttery Havarti for better taste.

Garlic naan grilled cheese can be consumed with the classic tomato soup or a thick Pumpkin bisque. The combo can give completeness to the meal. 

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