Substitutes For Pepper Jack Cheese – 6 Alternatives!

Pepper jack cheese in combination with quesadillas, crackers, or hamburgers would give you a great combo feel. You can try it with Mexican food as well.

It has a moist texture that makes pepper jack suitable for grating over dishes. If you have no BBQs, crackers, or fries in your house, then try it with melons, grapes, pickled vegetables, and olives. You will feel the magic then!. 

What Base Cheese Is Pepper Jack?

The spicy, buttery, semi-soft, and open-textured pepper jack cheese is one of the best variants of Monterey Jack cheese. Pepper jack cheese is flavored with peppers, and often other spices and vegetables that make you fall in love with it. 

Substitutes For Pepper Jack Cheese - 6 Alternatives!

What cheese is a good substitute for Pepper Jack?

Have no pepper jack cheese at your home? But the craving for that delicate spicy buttery kick then tries this alternative!. 

Gouda Cheese is one of the best substitutes for pepper jack cheese. It is yellow -in color. The history of this little big delicacy goes back to a small town in South Holland, Netherlands, called ‘Gouda’.

Gouda Cheese

Gouda cheese is one of the most widely consumed cheeses in the world. It is prepared pasteurized and unpasteurized cow milk using a traditional Dutch method.

Even though Gouda cheese is very popular, immature Gouda cheese is considered the better choice. It is tangy and buttery in taste. 

So, it is almost great like pepper jack cheese, right?. Well not really!. The pepper flavor in pepper jack intensifies as it gets older.

In the case of Gouda cheese, the tanginess increases with age. But Gauda cheese becomes difficult to melt as it gets older, unlike Pepper jack. Gauda is also a little bit stronger cheese than the buttery semi-soft pepper jack. 

6 Best Pepper Jack Cheese Substitutes

🧀 Colby Jack Cheese

Colby cheese is also derived from the Monterey Jack Cheese family. Colby jack cheese or Colby cheese is yellow-colored, semi-hard with a slightly sweet flavor and creamy texture. It is an American-originated cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk. 

Colby Jack Cheese

🧀 Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan cheese is an Italian-origin cheese made from unpasteurized cow milk. Immature  Parmesan Cheese is one of the best substitutes you can choose for pepper jack cheese. This cheese has a strong aroma with a fruity, nutty, savory, sharp flavor. Parmesan cheese can be used with pasta, used in soups and risottos. 

Parmesan Cheese

🧀 Edam Cheese

Edam cheese is a semi-soft, firm, and flavourful Dutch cheese that originated from a town in northern Holland called Edam. It is a low-fat cow’s milk cheese with a nutty, mild, and salty flavor. It is one of the best combinations for various recipes including pasta, salads, pizzas, etc. If you are a flavor lover, then this cheese might be for you. 

Edam Cheese

🧀 Havarti Cheese 

Havarti Cheese is somewhat similar to pepper jack cheese. It is semi-soft, mild, and creamy Danish cow milk cheese. Havarti has a buttery taste, somewhat sweet, and slightly acidic flavor. As the cheese gets older, the flavor may change into more salty and tastes like hazelnut. It can be sliced and melted easily and this one goes well with grilled dishes. 

Havarti Cheese 

🧀 Mozzarella Cheese 

Mozzarella Cheese is a semi-soft, brined Italian cheese made from pasteurized or unpasteurized cow’s or water buffalo’s milk.  It has a fresh and milky aroma with a milky flavor. Unlike other cheeses, Mozzarella can be eaten or used within a few hours after it is made. Mozzarella Cheese goes great with sandwiches, pasta, and pizzas.  

Mozzarella Cheese 

🧀 Cheddar Cheese

Like many well-known kinds of cheese, Cheddar cheese is also named after its birthplace, the village of Cheddar in South West England.

Cheddar is made with cow’s milk and has a creamy and greasy texture. There are two varieties of Cheddar, white and yellow. Both of the varieties are similar in taste and texture, depending on age. 

Cheddar Cheese

Is Monterey Jack the same as Pepper Jack?

Pepper jack is derived from the Monetary jack. Monterey jack is the original American cheese invented by Mexican Franciscan friars of Monterey, California in the 19th century. Pepper jack cheese is somewhat hot whereas Monetary jack is the most basic, slightly tangy flavored cheese. 

Is Monterey Jack cheese similar to mozzarella?

Even though Monterey jack cheese and mozzarella have some similarities, both of them are different in many cases. 

Monetary jack is a semi-hard,  mild-flavored, pale yellow cheese with higher calories than Mozzarella. Whereas Mozzarella is semi-soft, incredibly mild-flavored,  Milky cheese with lower calories than Monetary. 

However, they are also similar in some cases. Monterey cheese and Mozzarella melt beautifully, turning smooth and creamy without becoming creamy or grainy. 


Monterey jack cheese is a semi-hard and mild-flavored cheese that originated in the US. Later different variants of Monterey jack came into the palette of American cheese lovers.

One of the best and most loved cheeses among the Monterey jack cheese varieties is the Pepper jack cheese. As the name suggests, it is hot in nature. It is very delicious too. Pepper jack goes well with Mexican foods, grilled cheese sandwiches, hearty burgers, egg strata, and mild white fish.

There are many alternatives in the market to use if you are short of pepper jack cheese. Mozzarella is the quickest and most easily available substitute you can have.

Immature Parmesan Cheese is one of the best substitutes for pepper jack cheese whereas Cheddar is the least recommended alternative. 


Is Monterey Jack more delicious than pepper jack cheese? 

Pepper jack cheese is derived from the basic Monetary jack cheese. Pepper jack is very popular for its delicious taste whereas Monterey jack has a most basic and tangy flavor profile. 

Which is the easily available substitute for Pepper jack cheese? 

Mozzarella is an ideal replacement for Pepper jack, moreover, it is a very easily available substitute. 

Is Mozzarella an American-originated cheese? 

No. Mozzarella is an Italian-originated cheese. It was first made near Naples, Italy using rich milk of water buffaloes. 

Which is the original American cheese? 

Cheddar is considered to be the original American cheese. It originated in the English village of Cheddar in Somerset. 

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