Smoked Gouda - Everything You Need To Know!

Smoked Gouda – Everything You Need To Know!

Cheese enthusiasts might know about gouda cheese. It is one of the most consumed cheeses in the world. But what about smoked Gouda cheese? Do you familiar with this product? 

If you are new to the cheese world, don’t worry. You are in the right place. Read the article and understand each aspect of this dutch special cheese.

What Is Smoke Gouda Cheese?

Smoked gouda is a famous dutch cheese made from pasteurized and unpasteurized cow’s milk. The name Gouda is closely related to where the cheese originated. The city of gouda, in the Netherlands, is famous for smoked gouda cheese. Gouda is one of the most popular cheeses in the world.

What Is Smoke Gouda Cheese

Compared to other cheeses, people primarily consume gouda cheese and constantly add it to their cuisines. Smoked gouda is considered a variant of the famous gouda cheese. It has a sweet flavor and is creamy in texture. The cheese contains more milk fat than normal gouda.

What Does Smoked Gouda Taste Like?

As the name suggests, the cheese has a smoky flavor. The brick oven is used to smoke the cheese.

The smoking process makes it tastier with a sweet and salty flavor. Smoked gouda is more creamy and buttery than regular Gouda. It contains 45% buttery fat. 

So it gives the buttery and milky flavor to smoked gouda. The cheese is smooth in texture with a mix of sweet caramel and salty tastes. Smoked gouda has a nuttier taste and a firm texture outside. 

Where To Buy Smoked Gouda?

Normally gouda cheese is available in all grocery shops. The demand for Gouda cheese is increasing year by year. The high rate of consumption of gouda cheese gave the worldwide reach. When it comes to smoked Gouda cheese, is also found in grocery stores in the well-stocked cheese section. There is another option for purchasing dairy products at trader joe‘s and whole foods market. 

Is Smoked Gouda Taste The Same As Aged Gouda Cheese?

No. they are different in taste. Aged gouda takes 10 months for processing. It has a rich taste with a strong sweet flavor. On the other hand, the smoky gouda cheese has a mix of salty and sweet flavors and a caramel-like taste. It has more buttery and nuttier than the former. it contains more buttery content for highlighting the buttery flavor. The smoky flavor gives additional qualities to the latter.

The smoked gouda will remind you of roasted foods. Aged gouda is better to club with vegetables and fruits. You can not use smoked gouda cheese for substituting aged gouda and vice versa. Instead of that, you can use cheeses that are similar to aged gouda such as Monterey jack, young cheddar cheese, and gruyere.

How To Serve Smoked Gouda Cheese

How To Serve Smoked Gouda Cheese

The caramel and butterscotch flavors in the smoked gouda make this cheese taste like candy. This hard cheese is an edible and brown rind. This feature works well with a variety of dishes such as snacks, fruits, nuts, and dark chocolate. 

Substitutes For Smoked Gouda

If you are dutch, you don’t have to struggle for buying smoked gouda cheese. But for Americans, you may feel difficult to buy this cheese. Especially, smoked gouda cheese.

In such situations, you can experiment with better alternatives that work well with the foods that you wanna try. So, here are some alternatives to smoked gouda that make your food as tasty as smoked gouda.

Smoked Mozzarella

If you don’t have smoked gouda cheese at your home, you can use smoked mozzarella instead of using the former one. Smoked mozzarella is one of the commonly used alternatives to smoked gouda.

Smoked Mozzarella

It contains a similar flavor and texture to smoked gouda. The smoky flavor maintains an almost close resemblance to the smoked gouda cheese.

Monterey Jack Cheese

Monterey Jack Cheese

Monterey jack cheese contains almost similar butter flavor to smoked gouda cheese. Both pieces of cheese have their own differences. However, you can use the Monterey jack cheese as a substitute for smoked gouda. It maintains the buttery flavor and semi-hard texture of smoked gouda cheese. 

Gouda Cheese

Gouda Cheese

Young Gouda cheese can compensate for smoked gouda to an extent. But it didn’t give the smoky flavor as smoky cheese does. Normally gouda cheese is sweet in taste creamy and yellow in color. If you don’t have a smoky gouda, use gouda as an alternative to the club with certain foods like sandwiches and burgers. 

How Long Does Smoked Gouda Cheese Last?

The smoked gouda cheese can last for two months. It should be kept in the fridge. The opened packet of smoked gouda can last up to 2 to 3 weeks. To maximize the shelf life of shredded gouda cheese, do not open the package until it is ready to eat.

Regular Gouda is normally stored in the warmest area of the fridge. Gauda is wrapped with plastic and placed in the vegetable drawer. Gauda cheese also lasts for 2 to 3 weeks. 

Are There Any Health Benefits Of Smoked Gouda Cheese?

Like gouda cheese, smoked gouda also contains several health benefits. It is famous for its springy texture and smokey flavor. It follows the same method as making regular gouda cheese. Adding smoked flavors to the cheese is the additional step. Otherwise, both cheese has the same health benefits. Smoked gouda has low-carb content. So, this cheese is beneficial for people who are taking keto diets. It contains several minerals, vitamins, and proteins.

Proteins can be seen in the form of amino acids. Proteins are essential for the structure and function of tissues and organs. The smoked gouda cheese is high in calcium. It is good for bone health. Calcium helps to strengthen and develop the bones. Recent researches suggest that consuming low-fat dairy products prevent osteoporosis and the vitamins and minerals strengthen the bones. In addition, it is the best cheese for your healthy heart, helps in weight management, and Antioxidant -rich. 

Final Take – Smoked Gouda Cheese

Smoked gouda cheese is one of the most satisfying cheeses with its unique features. The aroma smell and texture conquer people’s hearts and fill them with delicious taste. Cheese enthusiasts, attention, please! Go and Grab your favorite flavor from the nearby grocery store.

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