Muffet Cheese - Everything You Need To Know!

Muffet Cheese – Everything You Need To Know!

Cheeses are of various types. The flavors and taste may vary depending on the region it produced, the milk it used to make, the different ingredients it used to make the product, the time it is taken for maturing, etc.

If you are a cheese lover, you should taste some of the worth-trying cheeses. When it comes to the states of the UK, Cornwall is famous for more than 60 cheeses.

You should explore some of the artisan cheeses made in Cornwall. There are different varieties are waiting for you. The choice is yours.

You can either choose soft or hard. You can choose either the cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk or goat’s milk. But, one cheese will influence you with its delicious taste. Let’s know about the essential cornish board named’ Muffet cheese’.  

What Is Muffet Cheese?

Miss Muffet cheese is one of the renowned cheeses in the Uk. like other cheeses, it is also made from pasteurized cow’s milk and vegetable rennet. It is a cornish cheese produced in Cornwall. The cheese has a creamy flavor and smooth texture. It is famous for its nuttier aroma.

What Is Muffet Cheese

Miss Muffet is unique in its wound flavor with a supple texture. The cheese has won several awards including a three-star Gold at the Great taste awards 2011 and The best modern cheese award at the Nantwich international cheese show 2013. it’s a continental-style washed curd cheese that is best for cheese lovers.

The washed whey gives the cheese a faintly continental style. It is semi-soft in texture and takes 4-6 weeks to mature.  The cheese appears ivory in color and the natural moldy rind is a mixed color of pink and grey.

Muffet Cheese Vs Nanny Muffet

You may need clarification on the use of miss Muffet cheese and Nanny Muffet. Because the cheeses are interchangeably used in different cuisines. But they are different cheeses. The Muffet is using pasteurized cow’s milk for producing cheese.

Muffet Cheese Vs Nanny Muffet

On the other hand, Nanny Muffet is using pasteurized, vegetarian, natural, mold-ripened, washed curd goat’s cheese. Both kinds of cheese are introduced to whalesborough farm foods. This may arise confusion about using the cheese interchangeably in the recipes. But the taste is different based on the milk they used to produce the cheese. 

How To Make Miss Muffet Cheese?

You can make almost every cheese at your home. Sometimes if you don’t like the flavor of cheese that has been sold in the supermarkets, you can make it out at your home by adding your favorite flavor. Some cheeses are quite difficult to make. But when it comes to this cornish cheese, even children can make the tasty Muffet cheese. Let’s look at the ingredients for making the cheese and the steps involved in the process.


  • Fresh organic pasteurized cow’s milk
  • Lemon juice made with 2 or 3 lemons
  • 4 tablespoons fine salt
  • Black pepper
  • Wild garlic leaves
How To Make Miss Muffet Cheese


  • Heat the pan and pour the milk into it. Stir well until it reaches 185 c. Do not stop stirring and add lemon juice to the heated milk. Allow some time for separating the whey from its curd. If they don’t, add some more lemon juice and stir gently to separate the solid parts from the liquid.
  • A double-layer cheesecloth is better for straining the curd. So, lay a double layer of cheesecloth muslin over a sieve that is placed on the bowl and transfer the curd into it. Sprinkle some salt and gently stir the curds for mixing up the salt well. Wash the cheesecloth and scatter some black pepper and wild garlic leaves before putting the cheese on top. Once you put the cheese on the cloth, gather up the edges of the cloth and tie it tightly to keep the cheese inside the cloth in a ball shape. 
  • Allow the cheese to drain for about 6 hours. Make sure that the solid part does not contain any moisture content. Unwrap and enjoy the delicious cornish cheese.

Is Miss Muffet Cheese Healthy?

You can not predict all cheeses are healthy and rich in nutrients. They are different based on the number of ingredients used in the product and the number of nutrients they provide. When it comes to the cornish cheese, miss Muffet you may think if there are any health benefits with the cheese and how it becomes healthy cheese, etc. The answer is simple.

Like other cornish cheeses such as cornish tiskey, cornish pepper, cornish brie, cornish blue, etc. miss buffet has several health benefits. All cheese-making process involves a stage of separating whey and curd. The whey contains zero trans fat and zero saturated fat.

The proteins in the whey help to several health benefits.  Likewise, the curd doesn’t contain any saturated fat. Miss Muffet contains zero percent sugar. Miss Muffet is rich in calcium and calories. The calories are essential for your bone strength. It also plays a vital role in the immunity system. 

Where To Buy Miss Muffet Cheese?

If you are a Uk citizen, you can easily find ways to grab the cheese. It is available in almost grocery stores in Cornwall or nearby regions. The supple texture attracts people’s attention and it is gradually exported to other countries. So you can buy this cheese from cheese markets or grocery shops.

The cheese is also sold through websites also. Cornish food fox is one among many. They are selling the best quality miss buffet cheeses all over the UK. Miss buffet cheese is hand cut from their shop cheese counter.

Final Take

Most people know about miss Muffet through the Nantwich international cheese show. In 2013, the cheese won the title of best modern cheese. The natural way of processing, the texture, flavor, etc is the main factors that are influenced this cornish cheese for conquering the front position among other cheeses.

The cheese has a high value in Cornwall and other parts of the UK. people from those regions use this miss Muffet at least once on their weekends. Aren’t curious to experience the real taste? If you can’t find the cheese at your nearby place, don’t be lazy, make this amazing cheese at your home. Let the weekend be more delicious and memorable. 

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