Moon Cheese

Moon Cheese – Crazy, Cheesy, And Zesty!

If you are a turophile, you may familiar with moon cheese. For others, it’s a great name. People may be curious to know more about moon cheese. What’s the reason behind the name ‘moon cheese’?

Are you excited to learn about a new cheese? This article will give you a complete profile of moon cheese.

What Is Moon Cheese?

Moon cheese is one of the best, soft and airy crunch cheeses made from different cheeses which has a low moisture content.

Moon cheese won wide popularity by its cute shape and delicious taste. Moon cheese has revolutionized the category of cheeses by making it crunchy finger food. 

What is Moon Cheese

Is moon cheese refrigerated?

One of the key features of moon cheese is that it doesn’t contain any moisture content. Therefore, it is used as a shelf-stable crunchy snack and it doesn’t need any refrigeration.

Most cheeses are kept in the freezer for better last. But in the case of moon cheese, you can keep it at room temperature until the expiry date. You can take the cheese wherever you go. Moon cheese looks a bit dry. However, it keeps its delicious taste and good smell.

Why moon cheese is different?

Most of the cheeses are served with plenty of recipes for experiencing a better taste. You can also eat the cheese alone. But people are mostly preferred to eat cheese by adding it to their favorite dishes. When it comes to moon cheese, it is different from others. This crunchy cheese is mainly used as a snack. The moon cheese will be the first preference of school children.

They are the constant consumers of moon cheese.
Whenever you go with your children to grocery shops, your kids will definitely search for this delicious moon cheese among other dairy products. Apart from cheese, it maintains several similarities with snacks.

It is also remarkable for health benefits. Unlike cheese puffs and cheesy potato chips, moon cheese does not contain any unhealthy fats or excessive sodium content. Moon cheese is a 100% satisfying crunchy snack cheese that makes your body healthy.

What are the health benefits of moon cheese?

As aforementioned earlier, health benefits are one of the key features of moon cheese. It is considered a healthy snack solution. Moon cheeses are made with real cheese and a few natural seasonings.

The cheese contains all the nutritional benefits. The interesting fact regarding moon cheese is that it contains low carbohydrates and is high in protein. In addition, it also comprises essential vitamins and minerals needed for your body.

The low-carb in-the-moon cheese is beneficial for keto dieters. Moon cheese doesn’t contain much sugar. So it can be considered a gluten-free snack. Compared to other snacks, each serving of moon cheese contains zero grams of sugar and 2 grams of carbohydrates.

You can eat the cheese alone or grind it well and add it to breadcrumb mixtures for adding more nutrients. Even when compared to other ‘healthier’ snack options, moon cheese is the best among others. Because moon cheese does not use any preservatives and is made in a simple way using one ingredient, natural cheese.

The story behind the moon cheese

Actually, moon cheese was made as a part of experimenting with a new dairy product that would beneficial for the dietary needs of consumers.

The moon cheese was manufactured by a leader in the food innovation of NutraDried Food company. Compared to other cheeses, moon cheese is not baked, fried, or freeze-dried. Therefore, the final product is neither a crisp nor an air-filled puff. Most cheeses contain moisture content and appeared in cubes.

But in order to make the moon cheese more popular, it is designed with the favorite shape of children. The moon shape attracts the children and it gets noticed in this way.

The shape is crafted through a special process and added crunchiness and naturally delicious cheese for a better experience. When it comes to texture, it is not a gooey one. It retains its true flavor and nutrients without the presence of liquid in it. 

story behind the moon cheese

How to make moon cheese?

You can make delicious moon cheese at your home. It’s comparatively easy and you can make this amazing dish within a short period of time. The main feature is that you don’t need more ingredients to make it. It uses only one ingredient, cheese!  Let’s see how to make a tasty moon cheese.

As you all know cheese is the ingredient that you need for making moon cheese. So, you can select your favorite cheese for making this dairy product. Cheddar, Colby-jack, parmesan, Monterey jack, Edam, and Asiago are some of the options that you can opt for. It’s better to avoid cheese which has high moisture content.  

 In the first step, cut the cheese into cubes and put them into a baking tray. Place each cube separately and ensure that there is space between others. Put the baking tray in an oven and goes to a low temperature of 175F.

It takes some time to lose its moisture and dehydrates without burning or frying. The cheese that you take for preparing the moon cheese determines the time it takes for dehydrating. 

When you take jalapeno cheddar or smoked cheddar, the cheese will melt within one hour. The dehydrated cheese is again placed in the oven and turn the heat up to 300F. The heat can make your bites puff up.

Some of the tips that you keep remember while making moon cheese

  • Using hard cheese or semi-hard cheese can make better results in the texture
  •  Solid block cheese is a good option instead of using pre-shredded cheese.
  • Try to cut the cheese into proper cubes. The variations in the sizes may lack perfection.
  • Ensure that the cheese does not contain any moisture content and it is dehydrated. Only after you can overheat the oven puff up the cheese. 
  • Do not open the door of oven until it is baked.


Moon cheese is always the best companion for people. The main reason is you can keep this cheese snack in your lunch bag wherever you go. Each characteristic makes the moon cheese sounds interesting.

The delicious taste is also an important factor in reigning the moon cheese among other cheeses.  If you don’t taste it yet, it’s worth trying cheese. Don’t miss it.

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