Menonita - All You Need To Know!

Menonita – All You Need To Know!

Cheese is always a beloved food for us. It makes any recipe more delicious with its wide variety of flavors. We all have the tendency to search for different cheeses around the world. Today, let’s meet a Mexican amigo that makes our dishes more mouthwatering. Menonita is one of the common Mexican products that attract people by its color, shape, and texture.

If you are in Mexico, you may be a constant customer of this Mexican special cheese. But people who are not aware of Menonita may confuse about what type of cheese is this. They might have several questions regarding the Menonita.

Let’s know more about Menonita cheese.

What Is Menonita Cheese?

What Is Menonita

Menonita is a Mexican cheese with a mild flavor and semi-firm texture that appears in a pale white color. The name Menonita is related to the place where it originated. The Mennonites who lived in chihuahua, Mexico made a variety of cheeses.

People are also called ‘chihuahua cheese’ based on where it was produced first.  Menonita is made from both pasteurized and unpasteurized raw cow’s milk.

Menonita is also known as queso menonita and Campresino menonita after the menonita communities of northern Mexico that first produced it. 

The name campresino menonita is closely related to the method used to produce this cheese. Just like cheddar, it also follows a compression procedure to make cheese products.

The History Behind The Menonita Cheese

As we all know, the name of the cheese and the producer has a close relationship with each other. Menonita is a traditional cheese of Mexico that was produced in the colonial period. The Mennonite community was lived in the chihuahua region since the 1920s.

They were of dutch descent and moved from Europe to Canada in the 18th century. But they were replaced again due to the language restriction where as they finally returned to Mexico. They found their earnings through farming activities and finally produced the dairy product called Mennonite cheese. Gradually the region gained wide popularity for Mennonite cheese.

What Does Menonita Cheese Taste Like?

Most Mexican dairy products have a mild taste. Just like that, Menonita cheese has a mild, sour, and slightly salty taste. It gets sharp based on the time it takes for aging. Menonita is used pasteurized and unpasteurized raw cow’s milk.

Therefore, the taste may be different based on the milk that is used for processing the cheese. The traditional way followed raw milk. But unfortunately, the government regulation was against this method. Later, manufacturers started to use pasteurized cow’s milk for producing Menonita. 

Does Menonita Cheese Melt Well?

Does Menonita Melt Well

Yes. Menonita cheese melts well. The mild flavor in the queso menonita melts the properties. It is a good versatile cheese and it can be paired well with snacks and desserts. Menonita is almost similar to cheddar and Monterey jack cheese by its texture. The easily melting feature allows menonita to club well with baking dishes, lasagna, fondues, pizza, etc. The delicious melting taste makes this Mexican cheese special from others.

Is Menonita Cheese Healthy?

Yes. Menonita cheese is rich in calories and it is a good source of protein, phosphorus, and calcium. According to queso chihuahua nutrition facts and calories, one cube of menonita cheese serves  72% calories. The cheese contains low-carb contents and zero sugar. In addition, queso menonita also provides vitamin D and minerals.

Best Dish To Try With Menonita

We saw that menonita is widely used in a variety of Mexican cuisines. The slightly supple texture makes the cheese a perfect companion for plenty of dishes. This type of cheese is great for adding to quesadillas and enchiladas. It is best for veggies and deep-fried food. Let’s look at one of the best dishes to try with menonita. 

  • Rotelli pasta with Menonita and Pailla cream Sauce

Rotelli pasta is one of the best Mexican cuisines that fill our tummy and melts our heart. It is a famous dish for using the menonita as a key ingredient to it. Only six ingredients can make this yum-yummy dish. Pasilla chiles, menonita cheese, sour cream, pasta, garlic, and cilantro are the ingredients needed for making this recipe. 

Let’s see the methods for making the recipes. First, we need to turn on the oven to 350 degrees F. mix the chilies and menonita cheese well. Add pepper and salt and blend the mixture. Slowly heat the mixture and serve the pasta in individual bowls and add some sauce t it. Garnish with the shredded menonita cheese and keep it in the oven for eight minutes.

Menonita is good at melting and it won’t take much time for melting. Once it melted, take the bowl from the oven and eat with family or friends.

Menonita Cheese Substitutes

Fresh, original Mennonite cheese is available in different regions of Mexico. Compared to other Mexican cheese, it is also a young cheese aged 3 to 6 months. As aforementioned, it maintains some of the qualities of cheddar and Monterey jack cheese.

In certain cases, we can’t find the cheese. What will we do in such situations? Some cheeses can give adequate replacement for Queso Mennonite.

Let’s look at some of the best alternatives to Mennonite cheese.

  • Mild cheddar cheese
Mild cheddar cheese

Cheddar cheese keeps a close resemblance to menonita cheese. Cheddar has a similar flavor to menonita.  It is slightly sweet in taste and becomes tangier based on the time it is taken to age. Compared to the melting features, mild cheddar can easily melt than sharp cheddar. So, using mild cheddar is the best option for substituting chihuahua cheese.

  • Monterey jack cheese
Monterey jack cheese

Monterey jack cheese is one of the best alternatives to queso Mennonite. Monterey jack cheese is the base for other cheeses like Colby jack and cheddar jack. Monterey jack cheese has a high melting point as menonita. So the melting quality works well with the quesadillas and other dishes just as menonita cheese. 

  • Muenster cheese
Muenster cheese

Muenster cheese is a great option for substituting menonita cheese. Like other alternatives, this cheese also melted well and became a creamy texture when it melted. Muenster cheese can be paired with nachos and queso dip. Usually, the cheese can be seen in grocery stores with different blocks.  

  • Oaxaca cheese
Oaxaca cheese

It is semi-hard white cheese. Sometimes, cheese is also produced in the regions of chihuahua. Therefore, it has a connection with menonita cheese. The texture and flavor of Oaxaca are similar to menonita cheese. It can be used as a substitute for chihuahua cheese. The melting quality makes the cheese a great option for adding to stuffed pepper dishes.

Final Take – Menonita Cheese

Menonita has a significant role in making Mexican cuisine more memorable. Of course, its pleasant flavor makes the cheese special and widely used in quesadillas. Try to make more quesadillas filled with queso menonita and let’s make more memories with this gooey menonita.

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