Meat Goes Well With Mac And Cheese

What Meat Goes Well With Mac And Cheese?

Do you plan to make yummy mac and cheese for lunch or dinner? Then you might be looking out for meat dishes that make a perfect combination.

Are Mac And Cheese Healthy To Eat Daily?

Though there are endless ways to make mac and cheese, those side dishes purely depend on your choice.

Here we present some mouth-watering meat dishes that go really well with the delicious mac and cheese. Trust me, die-hard meat lovers like you will find these sides simply irresistible.

Mac And Cheese

Top 8 Meat Dishes To Serve With Mac And Cheese

1.  Barbeque Ribs

Ask any hardcore foodie who loves mac and cheese. The first pairing option that comes to their mind will be the classic Barbeque ribs. The highlight of these two finger-licking dishes is their fabulous color combination.

The dark red color of the ribs and the warm yellow tones of mac and cheese would no doubt grab the attraction of any food lover. To add on, the smokiness of the barbecue goes so well with the richness of the mac and cheese making it the ultimate combination you can ever imagine.

2. Meatloaf

Be it ground beef, lamb, veal, or pork, any diehard foodie would just love to have the meatloaf. After cooking it, you can slice the meatloaf like a bread loaf to make separate portions.

If you are looking for full meal options, then pair your mac and cheese with sweet and savory meatloaf. Even when you eat these two dishes separately, they taste amazing. When served together, it tickles your taste buds like no other dish. The combination works so well that you can find numerous recipes on the internet for meatloaf.

3. Sloppy Joes

If you find beef sides quite irresistible, then it is definitely worth exploring sloppy joes. A sandwich filled with ground beef, onions, tomato sauce, and other seasonings, it is equally loved by kids and adults alike.

Served on a hamburger bun with other seasonings, sloppy joes will take you back to those nostalgic childhood memories. When you pair it with your favorite mac and cheese, it will satiate your hunger like no other dish.

4. Meatballs

The ground meat is rolled in the shape of a ball, the meatball is another finger-licking combination with mac and cheese. The other ingredients of this dish include breadcrumbs, butter, eggs, and the seasoning of your choice. Dipping meatballs in Grape jelly, Heinz chili sauce, or tangy sauce makes it the killer combination along with the yummy mac and cheese.

5. Pigs In A Blanket

If you love to binge on pork dishes, then Pigs in a blanket would be a perfect choice. The small hotdogs or sausages wrapped in bacon makes it the ultimate combination with mac and cheese.

To add to the sweetness, Pigs in a blanket are covered with some kind of yummy pastries such as pancake, croissant dough, or biscuit dough. Since both the dishes are soft and super savory, Pigs in a blanket go really well with your favorite mac and cheese.

6. Smoked Brats

The easiest bratwurst to prepare, smoked brats will make you captivated by its taste. Instead of cooking on a searing hot grill, the dish is gently cooked in a smoker.

Unlike cooking on a grill, the gentle heat stops the bratwurst casing from bursting and retains the juice in the smoked brats. Chopped onions and sauerkraut when served with this dish make it the perfect side for the mac and cheese.

7. Hot Dogs

When it comes to your favorite foods, then hot dogs might be there right on the top of your list. However, have you ever tried cooking hot dogs in an air fryer? It is quite healthy to have foods cooked using this method. It’s so quick and easy that you will stop trying out all the other techniques.

When they are freshly grilled, there is no better food than the delicious hot dogs. Pairing it up with mac and cheese will no doubt make the air-fried hot dogs your all-time favorite dish.

8. Little Smokies

With ingredients such as pork and corn syrup, little smokies are one of the most sought-after sausage varieties. When you wrap them in beacon it is the ultimate dish to satiate your hunger pangs.   Simmer them in any type of barbecue sauce and it makes the best side to try out with mac and cheese.


When it comes to meat dishes to pair up with mac and cheese, it purely depends on your taste. If you are a hardcore pork meat lover, then Pigs in a Blanket would be a great option. On the other hand, if you love beef more than any other meat, then sloppy joes would be the best side dish to serve with mac and cheese.

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