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Is Velveeta Actually Cheese? 

Velveeta is technically not a real cheese. It is a cheese product that contains 51 percent cheese. Velveeta is a widely used product, especially in America. You can’t see a  refrigerator without a box of Velveeta.

Velveeta became a sure list ingredient for Americans. The melting taste and texture of Velveeta attract millions of consumers during these centuries. Read the entire article to learn about Velveeta, its origin, and whether it considers an actual cheese. 

What is Velveeta Cheese?

Velveeta is a processed cheese made from modified starch, canola oil, milk, whey, protein concentrate, and cheese culture.

It is similar to American cheese. Because usually cheeses are produced from either cow’s milk or goat milk. But, American cheese and Velveeta are cheese products. Velveeta appears in vivid orange color with a mild taste. It can easily melt well.

As aforementioned, the good melting quality is one of the reasons that attracts more customers to buy this cheese product. Velveeta is best for pairing with macaroni. It can be used as a cheese sauce for pasta dishes. Velveeta retains its smooth consistency when it melts.

Velveeta can be found in blocks and it has longer shelf life than cheese. The product is available in almost grocery stores.

Velveeta Cheese

History Behind Velveeta Cheese

Emily Frey made the first Velveeta in 1918. Emily made this cheese product from the broken cheese wheels at the Monroe cheese company. A blend of Colby and cheddar cheese made mouthwatering Velveeta.

The company sent the cheese scraps to Frey to experiment with the cheese byproducts. He found that adding whey makes Velveeta better consistent. the texture of the cheese made the name Velveeta. In 2015, The Velveeta Cheese Company received the patent to make two more cheese varieties, American and swiss. 

Later, Velveeta got the American medical association’s seal of approval. The acclamation was gained in 1930.  Velveeta got wide attention during world war second. It encourages people to make from what is leftover into desirable products.  

Velveeta Cheese History

How Velveeta is produced?

Velveeta is made by blending various slices of cheese such as swiss, cheddar, and colby with an emulsifier. The making process of Velveeta is different from other cheeses. The cheese is made from whey, pasteurized milk, emulsifiers, and salt. These components make a cheeselike product with a flexible consistency.   

How can you store Velveeta?

You can store Velveeta in the refrigerator. Unopened packages of Velveeta can last up to 6 months. Keep the Velveeta pack tightly in plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator. When you freeze the cheese, it won’t dry out and stay in top-notch quality for a long time.

An opened box of Velveeta can last up to eight weeks.  Fresh Velveeta need not keep in a refrigerator. It won’t degrade. But the quality may change. If you are going to use the whole package of Velveeta within days, you don’t need to use the fridge for keeping the product.

However, keeping your Velveeta in the refrigerator is considered a proper method of storing it. The manufacturer doesn’t recommend freezing Velveeta. 

Velveeta Cheese

What are the best Substitutes for Velveeta cheese? 

Are you searching for the best alternatives to Velveeta cheese? Then, you come to the right place. There are a variety of cheeses that can give similar qualities to Velveeta in texture and taste. Let’s look at some of the best substitutes for Velveeta cheese. 

best Substitutes for Velveeta cheese
  • American cheese

American cheese is considered the most perfect cheese that shows a close resemblance to Velveeta cheese in its texture, taste, etc. as aforementioned, American cheese and Velveeta cheese are the byproducts of other cheeses. American cheese slices are similar to Velveeta slices. The flavor may change based on the preservatives used. The melting quality makes American cheese, the best alternative to Velveeta cheese. 

  • Swiss cheese

Swiss cheese is the best alternative to Velveeta. Swiss cheese is a versatile cheese that melts well. The cheese is best to pair with a sandwich and toasty bread. Velveeta and swiss cheese don’t contain any pungent smell. So you can use swiss as a substitute for almost dishes. More than that, swiss is a universally loved cheese, and most people will love to eat the cheese with their favorite food. 

  • Monterey jack cheese

Monterey jack cheese is also a versatile cheese that has a similar taste to Velveeta. Both kinds of cheese have almost similar melting qualities. Therefore, it can be considered a perfect option for substituting Velveeta.    

  • Pepper jack cheese

Pepper jack is another option used for substituting Velveeta cheese. It’s another version of jack cheese. Pepper jack is made by adding chili peppers and other herbs. The mild flavor of pepper jack cheese maintains a close resemblance to Velveeta cheese. Pepper jack is one of the best cheeses that can be paired with sandwiches. You can use this cheese for substituting any other mild cheese.

  • Gruyere cheese

Gruyere cheese is a swiss type cheese with a salty and sweet flavor. It can be used as an alternative to Velveeta cheese. Gruyere cheese is one of the best options to pair with fruits, crackers, and even wine. It is also used in sandwiches and casseroles. If you don’t have a Velveeta in your fridge, try a recipe with gruyere cheese. 

What are the Best Velveeta Recipes?

  • Buttermilk cornbread
  • Broccoli cheese casserole
  • Slow cooker ham and cheese soup
  • Velveeta queso blanco dip
  • Cheesy chicken Rotel
  • Pigs in a blanket with cheese
  • Velveeta mac and cheese

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