Mozzarella Cheese Safe For Babies
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Is Mozzarella Cheese Safe For Babies? Find Out Here!

Cheese is the most loved dairy product of all time. Its delicious taste, texture, and nutritional information make this milk product unique. That’s why it is considered the most popular snack choice for many people. But when it comes to babies, do you think giving cheese like mozzarella is good for their health?

You may wonder if it is ok to give cheese to your babies or if it has any side effects and when to give it to them, etc. Don’t worry!

This article will give you the answers you want to know regarding cheese, in particular, mozzarella, and whether it is good or bad for your children. Before entering into the topic, know some basic information about mozzarella. 

Brief Introduction About Mozzarella

Mozzarella is a semi-soft Italian cheese. Water buffalo milk is used for making traditional mozzarella. But now, it is made with cow’s milk or blends of buffalo and cow’s milk.

Compared to low-moisture processed mozzarella, fresh mozzarella has a short shelf life. It can consume immediately after being made. It is a highly prized cheese. The delicate taste and milky flavor make this cheese remarkable.

Mozzarella made with buffalo milk is considered highly nutritious. It contains higher concentrations of calcium, protein, and iron. 

Mozzarella Cheese

When To Introduce Cheese To Your Babies?

According to NHS, You can offer cheese to your babies when they are ready to start solids. Some sources say that it is safe to offer around 6 months of age. When it comes to mozzarella, you can give fresh and pasteurized mozzarella to your little ones from 6 months of age, and keep in mind to avoid low-moisture mozzarella which is high in sodium and rubbery. 

Make the cheese into thin slices or strips. Mozzarella can be paired with pasta. So, you can serve mozzarella to your baby with pasta or any snack that is paired with mozzarella. 

Is Mozzarella Healthy For Babies?

Yes. Compared to other cheeses, mozzarella has more features that are suitable for the growth of babies.

Mozzarella contains high calcium which is beneficial to the bone health of babies. Mozzarella is a great source of key minerals such as phosphorus and selenium. It helps to boost the vitamins.

The Vitamin A in mozzarella is good for the brain, eyes, skin health, and immune system. In addition, vitamin B12  is good for cell development and nerves. This feature makes mozzarella cheese a healthy option compared to others.

It is better to offer just 1 to 2 ounces of cheese a day to your babies in the beginning. Fresh mozzarella contains less salt. So, it is considered a better option for your babies.    

Mozzarella Healthy For Babies

What Are The Healthiest Cheeses For Babies?

You need to be careful while choosing cheese for your babies. There are different varieties of cheese. Each cheese is different from the others and all cheeses aren’t suitable for your body. Certain cheeses carry listeria that can cause infections in babies. Following are the healthiest cheeses for infants.

Some soft cheeses such as ricotta, mascarpone, and cream cheese are absolutely fine for your babies. Many people may misunderstand it as it is harmful to babies. These cheeses are perfectly alright just as the abovementioned cheeses. 

What Are The Ways To Introduce Cheese To Babies?

You can follow a number of ways to introduce cheese to your babies. Always start with cheeses that are mild in taste. Your baby may dislike sharp-tasting cheeses. Here are the best ways to introduce cheese to your babies. 

Mozzarella safe For Babies
  • Melt it

Take a slice of bread or cracker. melt the cheese and club it with the bread. Feed it to your little one.

  • Cut them into small pieces

Tiny bits of cheese are the best way to feed your infant. It avoids the risk of choking. 

  • Club it with vegetables

Melt the cheese and fry vegetables in the cheese. Let it dry. Choose your baby’s favorite vegetable for frying. Make it a great option. 

  • Better to pair it with eggs

An egg is always the favorite food of babies. Cheese is better to pair with scrambled eggs. Adding a slice of cheese to the egg makes a big difference in the taste. 

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