Healthiest Cheese Sticks- Cheese Sticks Good For Weight Loss
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Healthiest Cheese Sticks – Is Cheese Stick Good For Weight Loss?

Cheese sticks are yummy, almost no one has the ability to resist them. Having said that, the healthiest cheese sticks are the ones that contain the least amount of harmful agents.

Cheese in itself is an unhealthy product, as it is high in unsaturated fat, salt, and calories. 

Is Cheese Stick A Healthy Snack?

Cheese sticks are usually made of stringy cheese, such as mozzarella. It is consumed worldwide as is, or as fried and with dips. Here are some guidelines on how to eat cheese sticks in the healthiest way possible :

Healthiest Cheese Sticks- Is Cheese Sticks Good For Weight Loss

🧀Use only natural cheese – It is considered one of the healthiest kinds of cheese because of its nutritional value as well as taste. Natural cheese comes in various shapes and sizes.

Mozzarella cheese is one such natural cheese that meets all the requirements to be turned into cheese sticks. It does not crumble or fall apart under moderate heat, and its stringy character makes it hold itself together as well as look delicious. 

🧀What kind of milk is used – Cow’s milk is widely available, but as long as your health is a concern, it turns out that the cheese made from cow’s milk is not healthy at all.

It is high in pro-inflammatory A1 Casein, which makes the digestive system swell up. It is also absorbed very slowly by the body. Use sheep or goat’s milk instead. These contain a high amount of A2 Casein, an anti-inflammatory kind of protein that is readily absorbed by your body.

You can also use buffalo milk, most of the mozzarella sticks are made of buffalo milk. 

🧀Check your calorie intake – A basic criterion of healthy food is that it must contain as less calories as possible. For instance, mozzarella cheese has a very minimal calorie value. On the other hand, goat cheese has relatively high calories.

Having said that, be careful of how much salt there is in the cheese sticks. Choose one that is very low in sodium and saturated fat.

🧀Wrapper matters – Not every kind of wrapper is healthy when it comes to fried, roasted, or toasted cheese sticks. Instead of basic flour, you can use wonton wrap or momo wrap that is low in carbs. Some cheese enthusiasts go to great lengths to wrap their cheese sticks in seaweed wrappers. Avoid those gelatinous wrappers that are sold cheap in retail stores. A healthy wrapper must contain a low amount of salt as well.

🧀Air fry your cheese sticks – Air friars are amazing because they use nearly 90 percent less oil compared to conventional cooking methods. The oil contains a lot of calories and most of them are full of trans fat.

That is why it is advisable to air fry your cheese sticks if you want to consume these in the healthiest way possible.

🧀Keep health in check – The only way to consume unhealthy food is to listen to your body while you eat it. Do you feel discomfort or bloating? Or maybe your cholesterol level is going off the chart. Whichever the case may be, you should always keep track of your weight.

Notice the difference and how fast or how drastic it is. Consult your health care provider if things start to go out of hand.

In A Nutshell

Lastly, drink plenty of water. This will help the cheese sticks pass through your digestive system in the most efficient way possible.

Do some exercises, yoga, or kegel so that your cholesterol level stays under control, and also beware of the visceral fat getting stored around your vital organs which is a common aftermath of eating cheese sticks.

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