Chopped Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Chopped Cheese Sandwich Recipe – A Classic American Favorite!

Are you a hardcore fan of that yummy chopped cheese sandwich? With a killer combination of seasoned ground beef, American cheese, and a hoagie roll, it’s amazingly delicious. If your craving for chopped cheese sandwiches is just irresistible, then there is good news for you.

Unlike earlier, there is absolutely no need to visit the bodegas in New York City to have a bite of that juicy chopped cheese sandwich.

How To Make A Perfect Chopped Cheese Sandwich – A Step-by-Step Recipe!

Here we take you through a simple, easy-to-make version of the same sandwich. Just by remaining in the comfort of your home, now it’s very much possible to prepare your favorite meal.

Chopped Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Preparation time – 10 mins

Cook time – 20 mins

Total time – 30 mins

Servings – 6 servings

Yield – 6 sandwiches

Nutrition Facts

  • Calories – 85g
  • Fat – 53g
  • Carbs – 51g
  • Protein – 41g


Ground beef2 pounds (80/20 blend)
White onion, chopped1
Clove garlic, chopped4
Kosher salt1 teaspoon
Black pepper1/2 teaspoon
Worcestershire sauce1 tablespoon
Hoagie or bolillo rolls6
American cheese12 slices
Mayonnaise6 tablespoons
Shredded iceberg lettuceFor serving
Tomato slicesFor serving
Chopped Cheese Sandwich Recipes

How To Prepare?

1. The first step is to cook ground beef. For this purpose, shift the ground beef to a skillet or large, dry pot over medium-low heat. Cook slowly so that the fat melts out. Stir at regular intervals in order to break up the beef, till the time it is in crumbles, but not fully cooked. Please note that a portion of the meat will still be pink in color.

TIP – If you want to remain authentic, make use of the side of a metal spatula to chop the beef when it is getting cooked. However, a spoon also works fine.

Chopped Cheese Sandwich

2. Now it’s time to add the onions, garlic, and seasoning. After 7 to 8 minutes of cooking, the beef will turn out to be brown and most of the fat will be rendered out. Now turn the heat up to medium and add garlic and onions to it. Following that, season the filling with pepper, salt, and Worcestershire sauce. Now remove from heat.

3. The third step is to toast the buns. For that, slice your rolls in half and the toasting needs to be done in batches. Use a griddle or a large skillet over medium heat and continue toasting till it turns brown. 

4. Now it’s time to combine the cheese and ground beef. With a proportion of nearly 1/6 of the beef filling for each sandwich, add to the griddle or skillet with medium-low heat. Wait for the filling to get hot. Now cover it with two slices of American cheese. Let it remain for a long time so that the cheese starts to melt. Depending on your preference, roughly chop the cheese into the beef mixture using the side of a metal spatula.

5. The next step is to place the roll on the ground beef. On one side of the toasted roll, add a teaspoon of mayo. Now cover the beef filling with a toasted roll in such a way that the toasted side of the roll is kept down on top of the chopped beef mixture.

6. Post 30 seconds, flip the roll with a spatula, keeping the filling inside. For garnishing, add shredded lettuce and sliced tomato to the sandwich. 

Storage Instructions 

Store the leftover chopped cheese filling in an airtight container inside the fridge for 3-4 days. Whenever you feel like making a sandwich, add the filling from the fridge to a griddle.

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