Cholesterol In Provolone Cheese What You Need To Know

Cholesterol In Provolone Cheese: What You Need To Know?

Is Provolone one of your favorite cheese varieties? Then, you may be including it as a major ingredient while cooking different dishes. In this article, we delve deep into the various nutritional aspects of Provolone cheese, especially the cholesterol content in it.

What Is Provolone Cheese?

Originally an Italian cheese, Provolone is sem-hard in nature with differing tastes, depending on its variety.

Cholesterol In Provolone Cheese

Provolone piccante is very sharp in taste whereas provolone dolce comes with a very mild taste.

As Provolone piccante is made of lipase (enzyme) derived from goat, it has a piquant taste to it. On the other hand, calf’s lipase is used in the dolce version.

Does Provolone Cheese Contain Cholesterol?

The answer is yes. Please note that 1 slice of Provolone Cheese contains 20 mg of cholesterol. However, depending on the variety and serving size of Provolone cheese, the cholesterol content also varies.

Different Serving Sizes And Cholesterol Content

Serving sizeCholesterol(mg)
1 slice (1 ounce)20
1 cubic inch12
1 cracker-size slice5
Quarter cup diced23
1 package (6 ounces)117

Various Varieties And Cholesterol Content ( 1 Slice Serving)

Reduced-fat Provolone cheese10
Reduced fat 2% milk Provolone cheese10
Mild Provolone cheese25
Deli Fresh Provolone cheese25

Nutritional Facts

Let’s check out the nutritional contents of one ounce of sliced provolone cheese i.e. 28 grams.


Let’s delve deep into the various nutritional contents.

  • Carbs – The source of carbohydrates in Provolone cheese is the pasteurized milk content in it. Depending on the various Provolone brands, the amount of milk and carb count will also differ.
  • Fats –  Total lipid fats should ideally be a tad below 6 grams or 9% of your recommended daily amount (RDA). When it comes to total saturated fatty acids, it should be 3.5 grams or 17% of the RDA. It is the milk used in cheese production that contributes to fat.
  • Protein – With 7 grams of whey protein, it contains all the essential amino acids to meet the requirements of your body. It also contributes to building and repairing muscles.
  • Vitamins and minerals – 1 ounce of cheese comes with extra vitamins and minerals. It provides 200 milligrams of calcium forms 20% of your RDA, and vitamin A.

Health Benefits Of Eating Provolone cheese

Let’s check how you benefit by eating the Provolone cheese.

  • Strengthens your bones – The combined effect of calcium, protein, and phosphorus content helps in building strong bones.
  • Supports eye health –  A fat-soluble retinoid, Vitamin A plays a significant role in healthy vision. The Vitamin A present in the cheese gets absorbed into your body as retinol. In turn, it supports the health of the eye membranes and the cornea.
  • Protects your heart – Are you on a mission to cut down your sodium intake, but cannot compromise on cheese? Studies reveal that, unlike other high-sodium foods, dairy cheese offers protection for your heart against the negative effects of sodium.
  • Contributes to the production of red blood cells –  A good source of Vitamin B12, provolone cheese is essential for the better functioning of your central nervous system and the formation of healthy red blood cells. 
  • Maintains the balance of your body – Last but not least, a factor worth mentioning is the large protein count in provolone cheese. Protein will reduce the pace of carbohydrate absorption as it contains properties that reduce the glycemic index of a meal. Ultimately, it lets your body balance the blood sugar levels by facilitating a gradual release of glucose into your blood.

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